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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The theory of Sympathy and antipathy

The theory of Sympathy and antipathy ( medical astrology)

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The theory of Sympathy and antipathy By – Max Heindel and Augusta Foss heindel.  

Astro-Diagnosis A Guide to Healing

By Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel

Doctors have for years been studying the strange sympathy between different parts of the body which they have found manifested in the diseases of various patients. When they find a disease in one organ, they are in the habit of looking for the cause in another organ which is in sympathy with the first. For instance, in glaucoma or certain kinds of eye trouble they have invariably found that the real cause or seat of the trouble was in the stomach or the kidneys. In certain types of throat trouble and in goiter a weakened heart has frequently been found to be the cause.
The four points of the circle of the cardinal or equinoctial signs, namely, Aries the eyes, Libra the kidneys, Cancer the stomach, and Capricorn the knees, are closely in sympathy with one another, and trouble in one will frequently manifest in one of the other signs of this circle. For instance, if we find Saturn in the sign of its fall, Cancer, and afflicted, digestive troubles ensue and invariably the kidneys will be disturbed; sometimes stiff knee joints are the result. Eye troubles are frequently developed as a result of wrong eating. People with Saturn in Cancer are extremists in their selection of food. They have strange likes and dislikes.

The second vicious circle is that of the fixed signs: Taurus the throat; Scorpio the generative organs, rectum, urethra, and nose; Leo the heart and spine; Aquarius the legs, below the knees. When the organs of voice or the tonsils are operated upon in childhood there will be disturbances at puberty and later troubles in childbirth. Great sympathy is found between organs and the organs of speech. The removal of parts of the sex organs causes change of voice, the male voice becoming feminine, and the female voice masculine. Valvular heart trouble often causes the swelling of the ankles.

The third group of squares we find composed of the common or mutable signs, corresponding to the cadent houses. The 6th house, which is correlated to Virgo, and the 12th house, correlated to Pisces, is especially vital in the Horoscope, for they are respectively the house of sickness and the house of confinement and hospitals. We find great sympathy between these two signs and houses. Common signs are the most productive of sickness and more hopeless invalids are found among common-sign people than in any other group for the reason that their will power is not overly strong.
Two common signs are ruled by Mercury, which has dominion over the breath, nerves, and sense perception; and one by Jupiter, which has rule over the fibrin of the blood, the arterial circulation, and the liver.
Gemini rules the lungs, and through these organs the blood is oxidized. Virgo has rule over the intestines, sympathetic nervous system, and spleen. How often we hear the remark, "I caught cold (or pneumonia) due to wet feet," involving Gemini and Pisces. Many more examples could be cited of the action of the vicious circles.    By – Max Heindel and Augusta Foss heindel.

Note – This view is corrobated by ayurveda as discussed in chapter on Types of diseases