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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Astrology of extramarital relations.

Astrology of extramarital relations.

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Jatinder Sandhu

Astrology of extramarital relations.

.Affliction of Venus by Tamasic Grahas Saturn/Rahu. If Venus is IN tamasic Rashis and afflicted, even surer sign.

.Some house combinations to watch for:
7L in 8H
8L in 7H
7L in 2H
11L in 7H (afflicted) (native might be having affairs)
7L in 11H (afflicted) (native's spouse might be having affairs)

. Association of Me, Mo with the sign scorpio

. Association of Me, Mo, Ve, Ju for women in Nakshatras Jyesta, Anuradha, Krittika, Mrigashirisa etc. Basically those that have some story of extramarital affairs etc.

. Presence of sensitive planets in Navamsha of Scorpio, Capricon and Cancer.

. Affliction of 5H, 5L, 9H, 9L

. You need about 3 factors listed above atleast to be certain of propensity towards marital infidelity.

. If thus confirmed using static factors listed above, you get Dasha of 7L and Antar of 5L or 7L/2L or 7L/8L then opportunities might be available and be used effectively by the person.

. Classics have said one of indications of 5H is "Embrace of a Courtesan". This is probably because it is 7th from the 11th (ie having sexual relationships with "others"). 

. Planets like Me and Saturn in the 7H (in a chart that has many of the above combinations) can indicate propensity towards casual sex (depending on the country of residence need NOT mean paid sex).

. DONT be fooled by Jupiter's aspect alone in this respect. Look for diginity of Jupiter, where he is located, which sign he is located and whom he associates in Navamsha and what houses he rules. In many cases Jupiter will actually "facilitate and promote" such promiscuity.

There are some people who falsely believe that if Jupiter is in trines to Navamsha Lagna, the person cannot be promiscuous. This is just not true 100% of the time and cannot be taken as a golden dictum.

Second, fourth, seventh and tenth house lords

The lords of these houses play a pivotal role in determining whether one is a loyal partner or not. 

Ramanujcharya, the celebrated author of ‘Bhavarth Ratnakar’ opines that presence of Mercury in the seventh house causes desire to have sex outside marriage. Same is true for Mars and Sun. He further says that the lords of the second, seventh and tenth houses in the fourth give extra marital sex. Why should it be so? 

The fourth house represents the general population or people at large. The tenth house is the seventh from the fourth and so represents the sex organs of the masses. Seventh house is also the house of one’s own sex organs. The second house is the eleventh from fourth and so represents the arms or deliberate action of an individual. The convergence of all these influences gives a desire to unite with the opposite sex from the masses.

‘Sarvarth Chintamani’ another celebrated classic authored by Vyankatesh Sharma goes one step further and says that if even one of the lords of the second, seventh or tenth is in the fourth, it causes extra marital sex. 

It says that the lords of Lagna second and sixth house if connected to malefics give sex outside marriage. Same thing happens if Saturn is placed in the seventh with the seventh lord. 

Weak Moon in the seventh house with a malefic and the seventh lord in Lagna with a malefic also give infidelity.

Some other combinations from Sarvarth Chintamani

The lords of the twelfth and second house in the third gives many women. The effect increases if Jupiter or the ninth lord aspect the third house.

The Yoga formed by the lords of the seventh and eleventh wither together or opposite to each other gives many relationships. 

Role of Nakshatras

Nakshatra(constellations) are the templates of our lives and generally indicate the characteristics of a person accurately. Of the 27 Nakshatras that Vedic astrology considers, Ashlesha, Shravan and Shatabhishaj Nakshatra are more prone to sex outside marriage. 

It is important that these points be examined holistically and not piecemeal. It will be cruel to look at a horoscope and give a judgment about one’s fidelity based on one occurrence alone. Human relations are fragile, and great care must be taken when reading a horoscope.