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Friday, June 22, 2018

Heart malfunction of an Infant .

Heart trouble of a new born ,left side of heart is not functioning properly
Heart malfunction of an Infant  an astrological analysis.

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This is her vedic chart . We have cancer ascendant and the lord of ascendant is under a very severe malefic influence ,Saturn aspects moon as lord of 7th and 8th ,mars aspects the moon through ketu (south node) .I probably feel that there is likely to be the requirement of corrective surgery as both mars and ketu exert their influence on moon the ascendant lord . Now coming to the problem Saturn is in Sagittarius the sign that rules arterial system ,sun and moon represent the heart and the aspect of Saturn on both the significators indicates a problem of heart and supply of blood as moon also represents rakta or blood .Saturn is known to block,decay and degenerate here it is lord of 8th . Jupiter in 4th as lord of 6th also points toward a problem in breast chest area. As both Venus and Jupiter are in kendra (angular houses)so it is said that natural benifics like Jupiter and Venus can ward of many evils . I probably think that she may survive . However a surgery correction may be required. As mercury .Gemini and Virgo all are under the malefic gaze of Saturn there can be some breathing issues due to the problem at hand.