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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lesbian - combination as per Navmsa (Astrology)

If Sukra and Sani occupy each other's navamsas in any rasi, if they aspect each other
in the navamsas or if Lagna falls in Vrishabha or Thula and the rising navamsa is
Kumbha, the girl becomes extremely passionate and not being satisfied by
masculine embraces, will seek sexual gratification from women who put on leather
male organs and engage her in such sinful embraces. Varieties of sins, both heinous
and light, have been recorded from time immemorial. If Sukra occupies Kuja
navamsa in any rasi or Kuja combines in Sukra navamsa, the woman becomes a
self-willed whore. If Ravi and Chandra occupy the 7th from Lagna, tile woman
commits adultery with the consent of her husband. If Kuja navamsa rises in the 7th
bhava and has the aspect of Sani, the woman will have a diseased sexual organ.