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Sunday, August 26, 2012


 Dear All, listed below is a very informative topic started on AIA by sreenadh ji ,wherein i also participated and a very useful insight was given by SH G K goel ji .

  What is the specialty of Godhuli time? Comments welcome.
Specialty of Godhuli Time
गोपैर्यष्ट्याहतानं खुरपुटदलिता यातु धूलिर्द्दिनान्ते।
सोद्वाहे सुन्दरीराणं विपुलधनसुतारोग्य सौभाग्यकर्त्री॥13॥
तस्मिन काले न चर्क्षं न च तिथिकरणं नैव लग्नं न योगः।
ख्यातः पुंसां सुखार्त्थं शमयति दुरितान्युत्थितं गोरजश्च॥14॥
                                 (Vivaha Patala from Brihat Samhita)
[If it is aparahna time the dust raised by foot steps of the cows, which are running afraid of the stick of the shepherds, will spread everywhere. This time is termed ‘Godhuli lagna’. If a beautiful woman gets married in this time, then wealth, sons, health and prosperity results. During this time, (ephemeris elements such as) Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana, Lagna, Nityayoga etc are not important. The dust that rises from the land due to the footprints of the cows is very auspicious and famous. This is auspicious for the human beings and destroys all malefic results]
The day (the time from sunrise to sunset) is divided into five such as Prahna-Purvahna-Madhyahna-Aparahna-Sayahna each spanning approximately 2 hours 24 min (3 muhurtas) each.  Thus aparahna is approximately the time from 1.12 PM to 3.36 PM.     

Love and regards,

Godhuli ......

A pundit should not worry about Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana,Lagna,
Naavamansh, Muhurtam, Yoga, Ashtama Stana , Jamitra Dosaha etc when
he fixes Godhuli Lagna. According to all Munis, Godhuli lagna is best
for all auspicious Karyas.

There is A Godhuli Bheda as Under.

In Hemant Ritu, when Sun is round before Sunset, In summer when it is
half set and in Rainy season when Sun is fully set, it is termed as
Godhuli time.
A wise Pundit fixes Godhuli lagna accordingly.

There are some important things to be remembered about Godhuli Lagna.
On Thursdays , Godhuli is Shubha when Sun is set and on Saturdays
when Sun is not fully set.If Monn is in lagna, sixth or eighth house
at Godhuli, Kanya (Bride) dies. So avoid Godhuli lagna with above
Similarly, Mars, when in Lagna, 7th or 8th at Godhuli time,
Bridegroom gets destroyed.
So avoid such combination.
If Moon is in 2nd, 3rd or 11th house during Godhuli, it is Auspicious.


Dear Friends,
 Martand Panchang which is published from Chandigarh has
 given a concise view on Godhuli Ladna which are useful

 as these are based on the gist of classics:
  " While fixing the auspicious Mahurta for marriage, three factors are considered:
   ! Tribala Shudhi- From The Moon of Bridegroom ., the transit Moon and Sun should
    be in auspicious places. From the Moon of Bride , Moon and Jupiter should be in
     auspicious places in transit. (Help of Astakvarga will be useful)
  2 a. Samaya- Suddhi-(auspicious time)- Time and day of marriage should be free from 24 dosas,
     If their is some dosa out of 24 , the Graha Shanti should be done if possible , otherwise such days
    are not suitable for marriage.
    b Out of 27 , only 15 Naksahtra are suitable for marriage. Any of the following

      Naksahtra should be ruling at the time of Marriage:
      Ashwani , Rohni, Mirgshira, Magha,All the three Uttara, Hasta,Chitra , Swanti,Anuratha, Moola
     Shravan, Dhanisthaand Revati.

    The above conditions should be met ,these are must for auspicious marriage Mahurta.
  Once the day is selected , then auspicious Lagna is selected. If no auspicious Lagna is
 available on that chosen day , only then stability of Gohuli lagna is considered.
 Godhuli Ladna should not be preferred if some auspicious Lagna is available.

 Rules for selecting Gidhli lagna
 This lagna rules 12 min before and after the time of local Sun set of the place where
 marriage will be performed.
  Moon should not be in 6 and 8th houses of Lagna,
 Tithi- 2,3,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,and 13 tithi of both Pakchha are adopted. Full moon and

 1st tithi of Dark half is acceptable.14 AND NEW MOON DAYS OF DARK HALF,
 Moon and Mars in Lagna of Godhuli Lagna is not accepted.