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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shri Hanuman Stavan

Shri Hanuman Stavan: Jai Bajrang Bali
Lyrics (with translation in English):

Pranavaun Pawana-kumaara khala bana paavaka jnaana ghana

Jaasu hridaya aagaara basahin Raama shara chaapa dhara.

(Ram Charit Manas 1.17) 

[I offer my bow to the son of the Wind God, who is like a fire to the forest of bad people, and who is like the rain cloud of wisdom, and in whose inner sanctum of heart resides Lord Ram holding the bow and arrow.] 

Atulita bala-dhaamam hema-shailaabh-deham

Danuja-vana-krishaanum; jnaaninaam-agraganyam

Sakal-guna nidhaanam vanaraanaam-adheesham

Raghupati-priya-bhaktam Vaata-jaatam namaami. 
(Ram Charit Manas 5.3) 

[Who is house of unparalleled strength; whose body glows like a golden mountain (called Sumeru); Who is like the fire which can burn the forest like cluster of demons, and who is the foremost among the knowledgeable and the wise; Who is the very wealth of all virtues, and who is the chief among all the monkeys, who is treated by Ram as the most dear bhakta, [the elegant and most suitable messenger] and who is the very son of Wind God, To such a Hanuman I offer my bow.] 

Goshpadee-krita-vaareesham mashakee-krita-raakshasam

Raamaayana-mahaa-maalaa-ratnam vande Anilaatmajam. 
(Valmiki 4.3.28) 

[You crossed the ocean like as if it was only a puddle made by the paws of a cow. You were capable of crushing all the demons as if they were mere house flies. You are the very jewel of the garland of the tale of Rama's journey. I offer my bow to such a son of Anil, Wind God.] 

Anjanaa-nandanam veeram Jaanakee-shoka-naashanam.

Kapeesham Aksha-hantaaram, vande Lankaa-bhayam-karam. 

[I offer my bow to the brave son of Anjana Mai, who destroyed the grief of Sita Ma, who was the Lord of monkeys, killer of Aksha, the son of Ravan, and who caused much fear among the residents of the city of Lanka.] 

Ullanghya sindhoh salilam saleelam; yah shoka-vahnim Janaka-aatmajaayaah

Aadaaya tenaiva dadaah Lankaam; namaami tam praanjalir-Aaanjaneyam 

[Who crossed over the ocean's water in a mere play, and also took the fire of grief of Janaka's daughter and burnt the city of Lanka by that fire. To him, the very son of Anjana Mai, I offer my bow with folded hands.] 

Manojavam Maaruta-tulya-vegam; jitendriyam buddhimataam varishtham

Vaataatmajam vaanara yutha mukhyam, Shri Raamdootam sharanam prapadye (Raamarakshaa Stotram. 33)

[Who is as quick as the very mind and is as forceful as the Wind God Maruta; who has conquered his senses, and who is the best among the wise people, who is the son of Wind God, and the leader of the monkeys, to this messenger of Shri Ram, I bow my head.]

Aanjaneyam ati-paatala-aananam, kaanchanaadri-kamaneeya vigraham

Paarijaata-taru-moola-vaasinam; bhaavayaami Pavamaana-nandanam 

[I meditate feeling-fully on this son of Wind God, who is the son of Anjana, who has a face like that of a very red hue of Trumpet flower [known as Kaamadootee, or Madhu-dootee in Sanskrit. Actually a pale red hue of Bignonia Suaveolens, or like that of the red Lodhra tree known as Rottberia Tinctoria], and whose body is like that of a charming mountain of gold, and who sits under the tree of Paarijaata (the wish fulfilling tree, also allegorically under the tree of hara singhara or Night Jasmine).]

Yatra yatra Raghu-naatha keertanam, tatra tatra krita-mastaka-aanjalim

Vashpa-vaari-pari-poorna-lochanam; Maarutim namat Rakshasaantakam 

[Where ever the tale of Ram is recited there Hanuman sits with his hands folded to forehead and eyes full of tears, and to such a Maaruti, the destroyer of demons, I offer my bows.]