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Friday, April 2, 2010

Disease and lord of the 6th.

House-6, as 12th-from-7th, shows the loss or dissolution of matters of house-7.  Not only is house-6 the container for marital conflict (loss of marriage balance), poverty (loss of business agreements) and debt (loss of financial balance) but very importantly house-6 shows loss of the body's internal balance.
Health is a state of equilibrium.  To know health, to be healthy, the physical body must be in a balanced relationship with the astral body & causal body.  (Or if you prefer another energy-body model, whatever metaphysical system appeals to you, the various energy bodies must be in harmonious balance to enjoy health.)

Within the physical body itself, are a variety of exceptionally complex internal systems - pumps, pipes, membranes, networks - which must all cooperate and support each other.  If one internal system weakens, the rest receive extra stress and the long-term imbalance becomes unsustainable.
So, disease is the result of loss of balance.  The seventh house will indicate your natural state of balance.  Strong planets in house-6 show past-life karma that unconsciously but compulsively detracts from your state of balance.  By studying the relationship between your 6th & 7th radix houses, it is possible to see where the psychic imbalances are, where the harmony gets drained off by internal conflict.  If house-6 is clear, yet the 7th house is troubled, there may be work to do in your marriage & partnerships.
But very predominantly the serious health challenges - which most of us face at some time in our lives - originate in house-6, with the radix-6th-lord, and various drishti upon the lord & His house.
Navamsha role of L-6 which shows the subconscious attitude toward imbalances, the D-30 Trimshamsha showing hidden expectations of  "misfortune", and even the natural marakas Shani, Kuja, & Rahu can all contribute to the stress, frustration, and often despair that a serious accident or disease may cause. 
In cases of poverty, marital conflict, and disease - the major "victim state" imbalances - our discovery focuses on L-6 and His home Ripu Bhava, house of "loss of balance".