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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mangal (Mars)

Red coloured Mars is one of the outer planets. In fact, it is the nearest outer planet from the earth. The mean distance between the Sun and Mars is 141 million miles. Mars take 687 days to revolve around the Sun. Mars is smaller than the earth and its diameter is around 4, 200 miles. It is just double the size of Moon. Its mass is about 1/10th the mass of the earth. Mars takes 24hours 37 minutes and 23 seconds to rotate on its axis. Mars resembles our earth in various ways especially with regards to time of rotation and to the tilt in axis, which makes us feel that it is an escaped satellite of Earth.
According to Hindu Mythology Managal is considered as Bhumi - putra. He is considered to be the son of mother Earth. It is said that when earth was lying submerged in vast expanse of the sea. Lord Vishnu in his Varaha Avatar lifted the earth and brought it out and placed it in a suitable orbit. Mother earth was grateful and asked for a feminine boon. "O God give me a child of yours!" To which God agreed. Mangal is the result of this godly union with the rescued Earth. One such story relates to Mars being the son of Lord Shiva and mother earth.
In western mythology Mars is considered as God of war and also hunting. In the bible Mars is symbolized by the devil. It is the God of force and energy. Mars is considered the Commander in chief of the celestial armies.
Astrological Significance:
Following are some of the signification of Mars as per Uttara Kalamrita
a) Valor b) land c) Strength d) Battle e) Foes f) Archeologist g) Quadrupeds h) King i) Fire j) Bile k) Wounds l) Heat m) Sword n) Obstacles o) Worship of Subrahmanya p) Eating non - vegetarian food q) Bitterness of taste r) Strong towards the end of the night s) Gold t) Man u) Character v) Painful urination w) Blood x) Desire y) Anger z) Snake
It is generally seen that a strong Mars will give a good result with respect to above-mentioned significations while a weak Mars represents the deficiency of the same.
Other Astrological Considerations:
Mangal own two signs namely Mesha and Vrischik. It is deeply exalted at 28 degrees Makara (Capricorn) and deeply debilitated at 28 degrees Karkata(Cancer). Its Mooltrikona Rashi is Mesha(Aries). Mars represents ones strength and it holds the rank of Commander in Chief in the Planetary Cabinet. His stature is high and has a blood red complexion; Kartikeya represents it. It is of masculine gender having predominance of Fire. It is of Kshatriya Varna having the predominance of Tamsik Gunas.
Mars is cruel, has blood red eyes, and is fickle minded, liberal hearted, bilious and has thin waist and thin physique. It represents bone marrow and lives in the place of fire and it represents a day ( Ahoratra i.e., a period from one sunrise to other sunrise). It represents bitter taste; it is strong in the south direction. It is friendly to Sun, Moon and Jupiter. It is inimical to Mercury and neutral to Venus and Saturn.

Mangala is the owner of the natural 8th house, scorpio, that of Moksha ( 4th 8th, 12th); Mar's is the Commander and Chief, He is Skanda. He is also known as Hanumanji. He is that of agni and that of this earth.

It is also worth noting that Managala co-lords Scorpio with Ketu. This ketu is the karaka of moksha... very interesting. As this begins to unfold why Surya is exalted in Aries ( A Mars house, yes?) and the Nakshatra of Ketu, the mokshakaraka...and Surya in Aries is still in the northern path, it is all starting to fill in.

As ketu owns the 1st Nakshatra of Aries (mesha), and Ketu is the Moksha-Karaka. It is most natural for Surya (Atma-karka) to be exalted in the first natual rasi , and in the postion of the Moksha's home ketu...

That is, the Atma is exalted in Moksha... this is your answer to Surya's exaltation.

This is the brilliance of Jyotish. The reason's behind the exaltations and debilitations, all with purpose...as with Moolatrikona, that is, a postion where the graha does his expected work the best.
You have fun at home, you rejoice being at home , you are exalted. Surya is exalted as Atmakaraka in Aires, joyful of being in Moksha.

In the Moolatrikona rasi , it is now back to business, like you perhaps going to your office and doing your business. Surya then does this too, as all the other graha's go 'to their office' to do what is expected of them in thier influence. Like that , this is a easy way to consider these postions.

Mangala is auspicious in Jyotish, and is courage of the Kshatriya, yes? Kshtriya's protect, this Mars of courage is for protection and defense. Hense Hanumanji and Skanda-ji.