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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jupiter: The Divine Guru Part 2

by Chakrapani Ullal

Jupiter’s placement in houses

Jupiter rules both the 9th and 12th houses of the zodiac, Sagittarius and Pisces. The 9th houses is the indicator for higher knowledge, growth, and expansion. The 12th house is the house of liberation. Therefore, Jupiter has relevance to both expansion of the mind and the growth of spirituality which leads to liberation.

The 1st, 5th and 9th houses are the three important houses which control creative activity. The first house represents self. The 5th rules imagination and the 9th houses deals with higher mind. Jupiter gives excellent results when placed in the trine houses 1-5-9, breeding creative talent and poetic imagination to the native.

Jupiter’s placement in the 5th house brings opportunities for oneself to think in terms of higher levels of consciousness. It supports Mantra yoga. Generally, Jupiter does not support having children. It doesn't mean they can't have children, they simply don't want the responsibility, their ambivalent about having them.

As Jupiter is the significator of the 5th and 9th houses, it is the most powerful planet which projects creative knowledge. Since the Sun is the ruler of the natural zodiac of the 5th house, a well-placed Sun/Jupiter can make a person a creative genius. A well aspected Sun/Mercury conjunction in the 5th and 9th houses can definitely bring brilliance to the person. Additionally, since Ketu is a mystical planet, Sun/Ketu well aspected by Jupiter brings spiritual experiences.

When Jupiter conjoins Mars in Aries as the first house, it creates ambitiousness. When it joins Leo, the 5th house of the zodiac with its ruler Sun, it brings brilliance of the native with respect to the field of arts and sciences. The 5th house is also the house of Poorva Punya, merits of the past karmas, and the house of creative power. A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 5th house indicates good karmas of the past, because of which one would rise high.

With the beneficial influence of the Sun with Jupiter, Saturn with Jupiter, or Mercury with Jupiter, one can become a highly creative person.

The Pisces is a mystical sign owned by Jupiter where Venus, another benevolent planet, becomes exalted. But the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces unfolds higher knowledge and detachment, leading to liberation.

Generally, people expect Jupiter to bestow happiness, progress and prosperity when Jupiter is placed in the 5th or the 9th houses, the most favorable houses. This expectation may sometimes not come true under certain circumstances. Parashara says that planets do not give good or bad results according to the house positions alone. Many times the placement of Jupiter is not sufficiently indicative of its nature, the determination of the effect should be made from the relationship Jupiter has to other planetary placements in the chart. One must take into account: mutual exchange of houses, conjunction of planets, mutual aspects and one-sided aspects.

In the 2nd house Guru is a benevolent planet, it makes him a teacher.

The fourth house of the zodiac is Cancer, a very sensitive sign and it has concentrated energy of emotions when exalted Jupiter is placed there. This fourth house Cancer, occupied by Jupiter/Mercury or Jupiter/Moon brings higher mental power of discrimination and wisdom, and such a person stands out as far as his ability to think and act with a large heart and higher mind.

When Jupiter is in the 7th house it is not supposed to bring good results in the area of marriage because of the mythology surrounding it. Jupiter would not allow the love marriage to take place for his daughter Deviani — the marriage was obstructed by the father.

Jupiter and Saturn in the 9th house, Sagittarius, indicates a philosopher, judge or great statesman who will be outstanding in his work.

A conjunction of Jupiter/Mercury or Jupiter/Venus in the 9th brings a higher and deeper intellectual mind as well as a philosophical one. Therefore, a Jupiter influence in the 9th house can result in higher mind giving expression to religion, philosophy, law, teaching, advising, publishing, educational activities and activities in foreign countries. While the Jupiter of Sagittarius promotes intellectual brilliance, the Jupiter of Pisces promotes mysticism.

The 12th house gives the best and worst results. He rules over the hidden, the unconscious and the mysterious things as well as ruling hospitals, prisons, asylums, monasteries and convents. The 12th house represents places of detention, banishment and places of exile.

It is also the 12th house which brings spiritual liberation and universal consciousness, thus indicating the cosmic storehouse expressing itself and its unfoldment.

Jupiter, when placed in an angle house irrespective of its ownership will give benevolent results by supporting the native in fighting and ultimately overcoming life's battles. Of course Jupiter's trinal aspects are even more powerful.

Jupiter in an angle gives much hope, but fine judgment is required in understanding its results. Suppose Jupiter is in the house of Mercury; we imagine a Virgo ascended with Jupiter in the rising, Saturn aspecting Jupiter from Cancer. The Jupiter being a malefic in Virgo and being aspected by malefic Saturn brings much suffering physically and mentally.

You know that angular ownership is not favorable for natural benefits. Further, angular ownership can prove fatal when a maraka dasha operates. Jupiter as the Lord of the 12th for Capricorn ascendants or Lord of the 7th and the 10th for Gemini ascendants, or worse still as the Lord of the 4th and 7th for Virgo ascendants is considered malefic.

Under the above-mentioned circumstances, even when placed in an angular house, Jupiter's natural benefic qualities cannot be overlooked. Though due to its bad ownership it may lose the power to give wealth, it will still try to maintain the status quo.

Yogas created by Jupiter

Jupiter creates many powerful yogas like Gaja Kesari yoga, Hamsa yoga and Shakata yoga.

Gaja Kesari yoga: When Jupiter is in a Kendra from the Moon the combination goes under the name Gaja Kesari. Gaja means elephant and Kesari means Lion, an elephant or a lion in the jungle will attract the attention of all other animals in the jungle. They gain visibility and prominence and are natural teachers, good advisers. They have many friends, are builders of villages or magistrate over them and will have lasting reputation even long after death.

Hamsa Yoga: Jupiter occupies a Kendra which should be his own house or exaltation sign. Hamsa is a bird which, when given milk and water together, will only drink the milk and leave the water. So Jupiter has the power to give that kind of discrimination.

Shakata yoga: It is described as sixth and eighth house relationship between the Moon and Jupiter. It is supposed to bring ups and downs in financial matters, but actually it brings more worry than real loss of money.

With regard to Kemadruma yoga, a yoga of poverty, where no planet is on either side of the Moon – one of the cancellations is Gajakesari yoga. All other yogas like Adhi, Vashi, Veshi, Amala, Ubhayachari, are powerless to cancel the evil effects of this yoga. Hence the power of the Gajakesari yoga.

The classical texts have laid considerable emphasis on positive results for humanity for this planet. Dr. B.V. Raman, the greatest astrologer of the last century, whilst extolling the benevolence of Jupiter in enthusiastic terms, at the same time says that Jupiterian cycles on mundane astrology creates, many times, devastating results. He especially referred to the history of the U.S. that Jupiter cycle transits have created wars and we are exactly seeing the same influence of the Jupiter even these days. It can attract war and war-like situations. The Jupiter transit in Gemini for the U.S. is an indicator for that. Even though warfare is a portfolio of Mars, Jupiter here does not remedy but rather increases the aggressive situations.

Jataka Chandrika has stated that when Jupiter is place in a malefic placement in a chart it can bring death. Without the support of any other planet acting as an agent, Jupiter can cause death. Whereas, Saturn even though it is the most malefic planet, generally it requires an agent to support the death-inflicting power.

When Jupiter is in either regtrograde motion or direct motion but takes the form of Atichara, which means it is moving faster than normal, then the negativity of that Jupiter increases.

But despite all of this, Parashas says that Jupiter grants wealth of wisdom and not of gold. Bliss and not pleasure. Contentment within and not satisfaction of sensual desires. It lifts the native spiritually but not materially, not into positions of power. It places him in and around good places of knowledge, education, learning and spirituality.

Just as Jupiter is the messenger of nourishment to the body, ruling the arterial blood, so is even nourishment to others in the good radiating from his magnanimous personality. So we see Guru is a man in search of truth, guided by ideals, generous to all, ethical, filled with hope for man.

Without the influence of Jupiter life would be stern and severe and there would be little inclination to assist others and little thought of anything except the self.