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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"How to Judge Debilitated Planets

The classical texts/commentaries are in agreement that the debilitated planets result in losses, delays, miseries, etc. on the native. Still some classical commentaries like Jataka-Parijata, Phaladipika, etc. give combinations for cancellation of the state of debilitation of a particular planet if its debilitation sign lord or the planet which has the sign in question as exaltation sign, is in strength. These commentators further add that this cancellation of debilitation creates rajayogas, though with delay and the native rises in life. Whenever, the sub-period of a debilitated planet with debilitation cancelled, is in operation, it worries the native on account of the general and particular significations ruled by it.
For judging the results of a planet, first we should see the functional nature of the planet for a particular ascendant and then for finding out the extent we consider the strength of the planet in question. If a planet is a functional malefic and is placed in its sign of debilitation it will produce bad results as per nature of the house ruled by it and of the significations of the house occupied by it in case it is located near the most effective point of the house of its location. It will also harm the houses/planet aspected. If a planet is a functional benefic but is debilitated it gives beneficial results to a very limited extent and fails to protect its significations when afflicted by any functional malefic triple transit triggering influence. When a debilitated planet is placed in a malefic house in a natal chart and its longitude is transited by functional malefic planets irrespective of the sub-period being in operation, it causes painful sufferings more severely to the native in comparison to a debilitated planet placed in an angle or a trine. Before taking up illustrations, we would like to add that the principles of neechbhanga rajayogas imply that while a planet or two might be in debilitation, certain other planets including their dispositors and ucha (exaltation) lords possess strength. The rajayoga is, in fact, caused during the ruling sub-periods of such strong planets and the sub-periods of debilitated planets surely cause suffering to the native.
In general, debilitated Mars makes a person short tempered and prone to injuries and accidents. The debilitated Jupiter makes a person selfish and divests the native of the power to adhere to the social norms/morality. The debilitated Saturn gives unsuccessful struggle. The debilitated and afflicted Mercury makes one vulnerable to nervousness and paralysis. Venus, when debilitated, causes loss of comforts and sickness to spouse. The debilitated and afflicted Sun, weakens the soul and puts the father, husband and the son to trouble. The debilitated Moon creates worries on account of property and domestic peace as well as causes harm to the mother and wife. Rahu occupying Scorpio makes the native very active to follow materialistic pursuits leaving all social values and norms while Ketu occupying Taurus reduces materialistic possession and causes physical miseries.
These are just general significations. The particular significations ruled by debilitated planets are different for different ascending signs. The positional strength i.e. (that is) the location in an angle/trine and aspect of strong Venus/Jupiter when functionally benefic, renders some relief to the weakness of the debilitated planets. The debilitated planets under the close influence of functional malefic planets become further afflicted and cause more sufferings.

Male born 5th October, 1947, 0435 Hrs. 31.06N 7710E TZ 5.30 Hrs., India.
The weak Venus, being lord of the third house, is occupying its sign of debilitation; is combust and is placed in the house of status. The badly placed Mars ruling the house of fortune is also debilitated in the nativity. As Venus is close to the most effective point of the second house its impact in the matter of status/job became pertinent. The weak Jupiter is suffering affliction due to the close influence of Ketu and Rahu. During the sub-period of Venus in the main period of Jupiter, the initiatives of the native were such, which brought him humiliation; he was superseded and was transferred outstation. The sub-period of debilitated and combust Venus in the main period of Jupiter was very tense for the native with regard to his job. The afflicted Jupiter lacked capacity/power to promote and to protect its significations due to malefic transit influences.
Female born 14th November, 1954, 1015 Hrs. 26.29N 80.21E TZ 5.30 Hrs., India.
The Sun ruling the house of fortune is in old age and occupies its sign of debilitation. The so called neechbhanga rajayoga would have been created as both Venus and exalted Saturn are with the Sun in the same house. The most effective point of the seventh house is under the exact malefic influence of the most malefic planet, the Moon. But the native had to face most unfortunate events in life. The significator for husband is placed in the eighth house while the secondary significator for husband, the Sun, is weak. She was deserted and divorced during the sub-period of the Sun in the main period of combust and weak Saturn. Though, there are other adverse combinations in the chart but the operating planetary period was of a debilitated planet ruling the house of fortune and being secondary karaka for husband.

Male born on 3rd December, 1937, 0030hrs. 32.35N  11.33E, TZ 5.30 Hrs., India.
The lord of the ascendant, the Sun, is just on the most effective point of the fourth house and aspects the tenth house closely from there. The exalted Mars aspects the ninth house. The native was a top ranking government officer in the armed forces. The strength of Mars and its aspect to the ninth house, as also the strong influence of the Sun gave him a long lived father. The debilitated Moon afflicted both the most effective points of the house of its location and aspect as also the Sun. But in case the afflicted houses/planets are not weak and the affliction is not exact the affliction causes only a tension with regard to the significations of the afflicted houses/planets. The debilitation of the Moon and the close nodal affliction to the same disturbed the mental peace of the native, caused ill health to his wife, incurred losses in rental income and encroachment on the properties during the sub-period of the Moon in the main period of the Moon. The native suffered setbacks in career during the sub-period of Jupiter in the main period of the Moon as both of these planets are in the state of debilitation in the natal chart.
Male born on 14th Oct, 1962, 0519 Hrs. 28.37N 77.04E TZ 5.30 Hrs., India.
The planet Mars is in its sign of debilitation. Mars rules the house of marital tie and inheritance. The most effective point of the eleventh house is under the exact affliction of Rahu and Ketu axis. This turns Mars utterly weak. Venus ruling the house of family in the nativity is weak due to infancy. Jupiter ruling the house of marital happiness and domestic peace is placed in the house of conflicts and becomes weak. During the sub-period of Mars in the main period of the Sun, another functional malefic, the engagement of the native was fixed and broken twice, and the native's father suffered from a fire in his premises and a raid by the income tax authorities. During the sub-period of Mars in the main period of the badly placed Moon the native developed a fear complex and became mentally sick. The functional malefic planets, Saturn and Mars, not only mutually aspect each other involving the fifth house, the sign Cancer and the lord of the house of disease but also suffer from the close nodal affliction, which is on the most effective point of the houses of its location.