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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anjaneya Ashtottara Shatanamavali – 108 Names of Hanuman

Anjaneya Ashtottara Shatanamavali – 108 Names of Hanuman

Anjaneya Ashthatora Shatanamavali or Hanuman Ashtottara Satha Nama Stotram is the 108 divine names of Lord Hanuman or Anjaneya or Bajrang Bali. Anjaneya Ashtotram Stotra is one of the most popular mantras which describe the hundred and eight names of Lord Hanuman or Bajrang Bali and his great deeds.

Shri Anjaneya Ashthatora Shatanamawali  

Om Angenayaya Namah
Om Mahaveeraya Namah
Om Hanumate Namah
Om Marutatmajaya Namah
Om Tatva-gnyana-pradaya Namah
Om Sita Devi Mudhra-padraya kaya Namah
Om Ashokavani-kaachetre Namah
Om Sarva-maya-vibham-janaya Namah
Om Sarva-banda-vimokthre Namah
Om Raksho-vidhvamsa-karakaya Namah
Om Para-vidhya-pariharaya Namah
Om Para-shourya-vinashanaya Namah
Om Paramamtra-niraakarte Namah
Om Parayantra-pradbedakaaya Namah
Om Sarwagraha-vinaashine Namah
Om Bhimasena-sahayakrute Namah
Om Sarwa-dukhaharaaya Namah
Om Sarwa-lokachaarinye Namah
Om Manojavaaya Namah
Om Paarijaata drumulasdhaya Namah
Om Sarwa-mantra-swarupine Namah
Om Sarwa-tantra-swarupine Namah
Om Sarwa-yantratmakaaya Namah
Om Kapeeshwaraaya Namah
Om Mahakaayaaya Namah
Om Sarwa-rogaharaaya Namah
Om Prabhave Namah
Om Balasiddhikaraaya Namah
Om Sarwa-vidya-sampatpradaa-yakaaya Namah
Om Kapisenaa-naayakaaya Namah
Om Bhavishya-chatu-rananaaya Namah
Om Kumaara-bramhachaarine Namah
Om Ratna-kundala-deeptamate Namah
Om Sanchala-dwala-sannaddha-lambamaana shikhojwalaaya Namah
Om Gandharwa-vidya-tatwagnyaya Namah
Om Mahabala-paraakramaaya Namah
Om Kaaraa-gruha-vimoktre Namah
Om Shrumkhalaa-bandhamochakaaya Namah
Om Saagarottarakaaya Namah
Om Pragnyaya Namah
Om Raama-dhutaaya Namah
Om Prataapavate Namah
Om Vaanaraaya Namah
Om Kesaree-sutaaya Namah
Om Seetaa-shoka-nivaaranaaya Namah
Om Amjanaa-garbha-sambhutaaya Namah
Om Baalaarka-sadrushaananaaya Namah
Om Vibhishana-priyakaraaya Namah
Om Dhashagreva-kulaamtakaaya Namah
Om Lakshana-pranadaataaya Namah
Om Vajra-kaayaaya Namah
Om Mahadyutaye Namah
Om Chinrajeevine Namah
Om Raamabhaktaya Namah
Om Daitya-kaarya-vighatakaaya Namah
Om Akshahamtre Namah
Om Kaancha-naabhaya Namah
Om Pancha-vaktraya Namah
Om Maha-tapaaya Namah
Om Lamkhinee-bhamjanaaya Namah
Om Srimate Namah
Om Simhaka-pranabhamjanaaya Namah
Om Gandha-maadana-sailasdhaya Namah
Om Lankaa-puravidaahakaaya Namah
Om Sugriva-sachi-vaaya Namah
Om Ddhiraaya Namah
Om Shuraya Namah
Om Daityakulamtakaaya Namah
Om Suraarchitaaya Namah
Om Mahatejaaya Namah
Om Raama-chudaa-manipradaaya Namah
Om Kaama-rupaaya Namah
Om Pingalakshaya Namah
Om Vaardhi-mainaaka-pujitaaya Namah
Om Kabali-kruta-martamda-mamdalaaya Namah
Om Vijitem-driyaaya Namah
Om Raama-sugriva-samdhaatre Namah
Om Maha-raavana-mardhanaaya Namah
Om Spatikaabhaya Namah
Om Vaagadhishaya Namah
Om Navavya-kruti-panditaaya Namah
Om Chatur-bahave Namah
Om Deena-bandhave Namah
Om Mahatmaya Namah
Om Bhaktha-vastalaaya Namah
Om Sanjeeva-vanaanna-graaharthe Namah
Om Shuchaye Namah
Om Vaagmine Namah
Om Drudavrataaya Namah
Om Kaalaneme-pramadha-naaya Namah
Om Hari-markata-markataaya Namah
Om Damtaaya Namah
Om Shantaaya Namah
Om Prasanaatmane Namah
Om Shatakanta-madaapahrute Namah
Om Yogine Namah
Om Raamakadhalolaaya Namah
Om Seetaanveshana-panditaaya Namah
Om Vajra-damstraya Namah
Om Vajranakhaya Namah
Om Rudhra-veerya-samudbavaaya Namah
Om Indhra-jitpra-hitaa-mogha bramhastra nivaarakaaya Namah
Om Paardha-dhwajaagra-samvaasine Namah
Om Shara-panjara-bhedhakaaya Namah
Om Dashabaahave Namah
Om Lokapujyayaa Namah
Om Jaamba-vatpri-tiva-rdhanaaya Namah
Om Seetaa-sameta sreeraamapaada sevaa Duramdharaaya Namah

Eti Angeneya Ashthatora Shatanamawali Samaptham