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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Why sun exalts in Aries and Saturn in Libra.

Why sun exalts in Aries and Saturn in Libra.
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First house of dharma trikona and fire trpilicity ,where can the fire be if not in the fire trikona  itself, First represents the ire of creation, fifth or leo the fire of sustenance and last but least the fire of righteousness leading to dharma and the ultimate goal moksha ,since it starts with soul in first it ends with accumulating karmas for the journey of soul to moksha.

First house- activity undertaken, advantages, all things, the seeds of, appearance, general, aspiration, attractiveness of the face, beginnings, birth potential, body brain, capacity to enjoy, color complexion, constitution, dignity of mother, as regards you, dispositions, natural, general state of health, impact of the, personality permission, for other. Qualities,personality,pleasure/pain destined, previous lives wisdom, seeds of other things, start in life, tendencies, natural vitality

Aries ambition, aspiration, eager autocrat with clean heart desire to dominate, multiply, sense of desperation, Energy for manifestation very goal oriented forgiving, likes to pardon ideals not yet achieved not at all, Satisfied head, start, beginning feels constrained, impeded newness where it influences noble attempts, Movable, masculine places with internal fire potential feels constrained propound new theories restless, Saturn hates, Sun loves spirit of the being vitality world-to-be not as-it-is.
Sun –ambition, authority bile problems boldness chest and head consciousness courage determination energy, Eyesight, weak faith, fame, father hot inflexible king,                                                                                                                             
Impact of one’s personality influence, nobility, optimism, personality, political power reliance on, self, soul, vitality.

ARIES; head, red, Night-strong, Rajas, daivik,dharma motivated, Ksatriya Action, Always on the move, Impulsive, fierce, never satisfied, Initial Urge for action, avarana Sakti,enthusiastic  .Dwara/ entrance, EAST, Dhatu/ mineral, Pristodaya, rises with back legs first ,= earlier than expected, Forest, quadruped, strong in 10th,House.Tejo tattva, liver, fever, Blind in day =bring obstacles, destruction.

Ist house and sign Aries represent east, and is a dwara( means door)it’s a door to this world and this house is a door for the soul to manifest into a body and acquire physical form.

Sun – Ego, Authority, Autocratic, leader, soul, rises in the east, sets in west, selfish, carries the internal fire, father, head, brain. Starts, creates, guides, initiates. Rules over herbs and ayurveda
Sun exalts in up to 10 degrees in Aries and in nakshatra ashwini ruled by ketu whose deity is Ganesh ji the first to be remembered in all kind of religious rites and recitations. The element of all nakshatras of Aries are all earth. Since east is the direction of the sign Aries and sun rises in east ,it’s the best place for sun to be in, further the characteristics of sign and planet match each other, impatient, autocratic, forceful, egotistical ,overconfident ,royal, radiant ,initiator, leader has faith in own judgment and actions and rebuts all advice or dissent . Ostentatious, proud and overbearing it likes to lead, command and control.
Further Aries is a mool trikona sign of commander in chief the soldier, protector and slayer Mars, so what’s a leader without its general and commander.
Sign Libra also represents a dwara or door this door is the door pertaining to grihasth ashram or leading to marriage and relationships, this doorway represents the second kona of kaam trikona and as such marriage and conjugal bliss thereby providing a let out of carnal desires.This house also feeds on the desire to provide for the family and aquire income and social status pertaining to last house of kaam kona the eleventh.
LIBRA; belly, multicolored Day-strong, Rajas, Asuric,Kama motivated, Sudra,Business, seek harmony/ peace,Justice, relationships, too much sense perception = agony > remedy> reverse the senses inside.
dwara/ entrance, WEST Dhatu/ mineral,Shirshodaya, rises with head first =normal timing,Stays in a vaisya house, a marketplace. Human sign strong in 1st house Vayu tattva; brain fever, typhoid.Deaf in morning = loss of property

Sun debilitates in Libra its considered to be in deep debilitation till 10 degrees into Libra. While sun represents the self the ego etc sign Libra is opposite polarity to the self, balance between matter and spirit  ,advice of others specifically the spouse or partners, flexible ,mutable and social ,maintains a balance between thought and action ,airy sign with nakshatra element all fire ,this is a controlled fire often external to take care of darkness and other living issues. The nakshatra chitra from 0degree to 6.40 degrees accounts for first set of debilitation of sun the lord of nakshatra is mars. This happens to be mool trikona sign of Venus, Venus is the guru of demons who are constantly in war with devas the demigods and sun being a demigod is an enemy of Guru of Asuras (demons).Since Saturn, though a son was never rightfully accepted by Sun and is always in opposition to him, Saturn rightfully exalts here in a place of opposite polarity or opposition.Direction of this sign represents west the direction where the sun sets in.
Saturn—represents, suppression of ego, being humiliated, working class in exact opposition to ruling class and authorities that Sun represents,  Saturn represents adversities, captivity, difficulties, austere, enjoyment denied, barriers, bondage, deterrence, black, blue, grey, dangers, destruction, dejection, depression, discipline, destroyer of illusion dreadful terms, endless, helplessness, frustration, introverted, humiliation, martyrs inactive, lack of desire low class, ways/people mental trouble, misery, misfortunes monks, sannyasis, old persons, death, bones, persistent, patience, philosophers, profound, poverty, sorrows, power for ,austerity, profession in general, seriousness, slow, gradual nature, surrender, thin, lean, unattractive to worldly, people undesirable things, worker class.

Saturn- Is almost an exact opposite to sun and represents everything that’s opposite to significations of sun and since Libra encourages opposition polarity, Saturn takes the rightful place here opposing the oppressive policies and procedures of his father. Further sun initiates and enforces, Saturn completes and achieves, sun operates on the mental level being impatient, aggressive and enforcing, Saturn operates on physical plane completing , delegating and working patiently.Sign Aries denotes the head and mental attitude , sign Libra denotes lower abdomen and organs of reproduction and excretion etc , it represents the most significant area of human body parts.