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Friday, July 7, 2017

Medical astrology Notes

Notes on medical astrology.

ARIES-Energy, forcefulness, excesses; heat, dryness, inflammation.
TAURUS-Stubbornness, brooding, uncontrolled anger, luxuriousness.
GEMINI-Negativeness, restlessness, nervousness.
CANCER-Lack of vitality, tenacity, unforgiveness, dis-trustfulness.
LEO-Inpulse, arrogance, fixity, vitality, ardor.
VIRGO-Selfishness, criticism, lack of sympathy, chastity.
LIBRA-Self-centeredness, sensitiveness, melancholy, jealousy.
SCORPIO-Tyranny, destructiveness, worrisomeness , reproduction.
SAGITTARIUS-Restlessness, venturesomeness, accidents.
CAPRICORN-Limitation, deliberation, crystallization, dryness.
AQUARIUS-Gloom, endurance, nervousness; super-sensitiveness
PISCES-Sensitiveness, lack of vitality, indolence, secretiveness.


ARIES-Neuralgia, insomnia, cerebral congestion, brain fever, baldness, 
headache, dizziness, eye affections, toothache, gumboils.
TAURUS-Goiter, diphtheria, laryngitis, tonsillitis, croup, polypi,quinsy, 
glandular swelling of throat, apoplexy.
GEMINI-Bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, consumption, pleurisy, corrupted
blood, nervous trouble, anemia.
CANCER-Indigestion, dipsomania, gastric catarrh, hiccough, flatulency,
dropsy, sclerosis.
LEO-Heart disease, angina pectoris, loco motor ataxia, hyperemia, spinal
disease, spinal meningitis, fevers.
VIRGO-Peritonitis, malnutrition, dysentery, colic, constipation,
diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, appendicitis, tapeworm
LIBRA-Bright's disease, lumbago, suppression of urine, nephritis,
diabetes, renal calculi, uremia.
SCORPIO-Syphilis, rupture, gravel, scurby, fistula, piles, diseases of
The womb or uterus, urethral stricture, pro-static stricture, nasal
catarrh,disease of nasal mucous membrane and nasal cartilage.
SAGITTARIUS-Loco motor ataxia, sciatica, lumbago, rheumatism, hip
disease,accidents to thighs.
CAPRICORN-Eczema, erysipelas, leprosy, dislocation of bones, weak
AQUARIUS-Varicose veins, swollen ankles, leg ache, nervous diseases,
sensitive skin.
PISCES-Bunions, gout, deformed feet and toes, tumors, dropsy.

SUN-Vital fluid, spleen, distribution of heat, pons varolii, oxygen,
VENUS-Throat, kidneys, thymus gland, venous circulation.
MERCURY-Nerves, bronchial tubes, pulmonary circulation, thyroid gland,
Right cerebral hemisphere, cerebro-spinal system, sensory nerves, vital
Fluid in nerves, vocal cords, ears, sight, tongue, all sense perception,
MOON-Oesophagus, uterus, ovaries, lymphatic’s, sympathetic nervous
System synovial fluid, alimentary canal, lymph, chyle, nerve sheaths.
SATURN-Gall bladder, pnsymogastric or vagus nerve, teeth, skin, joints,
ligaments, sigmoid flexure.
JUPITER-Liver, glycogen, suprarenal’s, arterial circulation, fibrin of
blood, disposition of fats.
MARS-Iron in blood, red coloring matter in blood, genitals, motor
nerves, left cerebral hemisphere, muscular movements, desire body, rectum.
URANUS-Ethers, eyes, pituitary body, gases.
NEPTUNE-Pineal gland, spinal canal, nerve fiber.