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Monday, November 14, 2016

Astrological combinations of Homosexuality

Homosexuality the probable combinations in astrology.

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Sexual Immorality & Perversion

Sexual perversion is outcome of affliction on various planets governing various factors.   A person  (ascendant) will be perverted if his emotional aspect (Moon 5H/L) is under affliction to create excessive lust for lascivious pleasures (Venus, 7H/L, 8H/L, 12H/L) secretly (12 H/L). He / she will have extra courage (Mars, 3L, 3H) also to break the socially accepted norms (Rahu, affliction on 5H/L and involvement of 8H/L) for sexual act (7H/L) in multiplicity (11H/L).  Besides, there would be noticeable degradation in character of such person (affliction on Sun and influence on Saturn on above factors).  These factors form various combinations that may show sexual immorality of native. 

William Lily - Considerations of Guido Bonatus-131- IF both sun and moon are in Masculine signs it signifies that native acts natural.
But in womans nativity the luminaries so disposed  make a kind of Virago ,one that shall despise men and obtrude herself in their  affairs :and such one if she marries ,will be sure to wear breeches.

If venus and mars are both in masculine signs the native will be moderately affected the delights of venus,and use them according to nature and law;but if they happen to be *oriental ,he will be more fallacious and immoderate ,inclinable to incest,sodomy,etc
But if they be *occidental and in feminine signs his spirits will be nasty and brutish ;and so much more if saturn casts a aspect to them.
But if it be a woman,and Mars and venus oriental and in masculine signs ,she will will abhor men's embraces and take no delight therein ,but rather please herself with some little wantonness with persons of her own sex( women)
But if mars and venus  be in feminine signs and occidental she will love and take delight in men's kindness.

Ptolomy-That if venus be joined with saturn in nativity ,and dignities in seventh,the native shall be somewhat faulty and untoward in his venereal caresses.
If Saturn is in Mercury ’s sign, or Mercury in Saturn ’s signs or they are both in trines to lagna or the 7th house this will give gay tendencies, independent of male or female. 

If in an individual's horoscope the venus and saturn are aspected by each other and are in each other's navamsa then she will satisfy her passion with the person of the same sex acting as the opposite sex." rudrabhatt, the commentator of varahmihir, further mentions that the same rule holds true for male horoscopes,"
The combination needs to take place in navamsa trines, or trines to the 7th house.

*1. Planets are ‘oriental’ if they rise visibly before the Sun, and ‘occidental’ if they set visibly after him. This is similar to the modern understanding, since to rise visibly before the Sun means at least to be in an earlier degree. There were differing opinions on the longitudinal interval a planet had to be in, and whether the intervals were of equal significance. 

2. Planets are ‘oriental’ if they are in the ‘eastern’ quadrant between the Ascendant and Midheaven ( i.e., where the Sun rises) or the one opposite to it, and ‘occidental’ if they are on the ‘western’ quadrant between the Midheaven and the 7th ( i.e.,when the Sun sets) or the one opposite to it. 

3. Planets are ‘oriental’ if they currently , or within 7 days before or after the nativity , are rising out of the Sun’s beams and will become visible at sunrise or sunset; they are ‘ occidental’ if they currently , or within seven days before or after the nativity, are sinking into the Sun’s beams and will become invisible at sunrise or sunset. In Hellenistic astrology this is an example of of what is called ‘making a phasis’ , and the distance from the Sun at which this arising or sinking would happen, was standardised at 15 degrees. According to this definition , the inferiors can be ‘oriental’ ( or pertaining–to-arising) on either side of the Sun, since they can arise both while going direct and on their retrograde path. 

If a planet is described as 'oriental in the figure', it means that it is located near the ascendant which is the eastern angle, whilst 'occidental in the figure', means that it is located near the descendant which is the western angle.

Occidental hemisphere is the western/setting hemisphere, incorporating the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th houses.

Oriental hemisphere - the eastern/rising hemisphere, incorporating the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 12th, and 11th houses. 


(Book of Astronomy, Guido Bonatti, translated by Benjamin Dykes, 2007, page Ixxxii-Ixxxiii) )