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Friday, July 3, 2015

Badhak concept in new light .

Badhaka for fixed lagnas

Badhaka for fixed lagnas

Traditionally ninth lord is considered badhak  for fixed lagnas 
The Sarvarth Chintamani of Vyankatesh Sharma, Chapter 17, Pages 367-371, by J.N. Bhasin, Sagar Publications.
In Prasna Marga, Harihara has given the analysis of an horsocope based on Badhaka point of view. He says that for all movable signs, the 11th house there from is the badhaka sthana, for all fixed signs, the 9th there from are their badhakasthana and for all the dual signs, the 7th there from are their badkasthanas.

Taking traditional view the badhaks are as under for each sign.

Moveable signs----Aries – Aquarius , cancer—Taurus , Libra---- Leo   Capricorn --- Scorpio ( Saturn ,Venus, Sun and mars)
Dual signs---Gemini—Sagittarius ,  Virgo—Pisces ,  Sagittarius—Gemini,  Pisces – Virgo ( Jupiter, mercury )
Fixed signs---Taurus—Capricorn ,   Leo—Aries    , Scorpio—cancer,     Aquarius--- Libra ( Saturn, mars ,moon and Venus)

But for Taurus Saturn is yogakarka ,for leo Mars is a yoga karaka, for Scorpio moon is an auspicious planet for Aquarius Venus is a yoga karaka.

Now the question can a planet be a yoga karaka and badhaka at the same time.
It’s like a driver with feet on accelerator and brake the vehicle goes nowhere. Taking Kama trikona we find lord of 7th as badhak for dual signs, lord of 11th as badhak for moveable signs now it leaves lord of 3rd to be notified as badhak for fixed lagna making the kama trikona as badhak trikona,for its well known that desires develop from Kaam and all sufferings and setbacks arise from it only.

Taking 3rd lord  as badhaka we get the following picture .
Taurus--  Cancer ,  Leo--- Libra ,  Scorpio--- Capricon,  Aquarius--- Aries( Moon ,Venus ,Saturn and mars)
Moreover this adds up to the kama trikon as explained above thereby once again the logic of 3rd as badhaka  gives a good logical pointer .

Dharma trikona-Lagna ,5th & 9th houses.
Artha trikona-2nd ,6th & 10th houses.

Kama trikona-3rd, 7th& 11th houses

Moksha trikona-4th ,8th & 12th houses.

Dharma trikona are houses of rigteous deeds. lords of these houses are helpful  in making life a success they may be called sadhakas. Houses in opposition to lagan , 5th & 9th are 7th .11th & 3rd forming kama trikona , if dharma helps kama or vasana ( lust) obstructs thus badhaks . For moveable signs  5th house & lords are best helpful and therefore the opposite 11 th house and its lord is badhak. For dual signs lagan and lagnesh are most helpful  and therefore the opposite 7 th is badhak. For fixed signs 9th house  and 9th lord are most helpful and thus not deterrent as mistaken by some others , therefore the opposite  house 3 and its lord are the badhaks .

Badhak for moveable signs is 11th lord ,for muteable signs 7th lord for fixed lagna lord of 3rd which is always inimical to lord of ascendant  should be badhaka thereby logically it completes the kama trikona with 7th and 11th lord already bsadhakas.How can a dharma bhav pati or bhagyesh be a badhakesh for fixed lagna more so when its yogakarak planet also .

For eg For TAURUS LAGNA MAKAR RASI is BADHAKESH as per astrological texts SO 

Delineating further let’s take a look at house significations of 3rd and 9th house.

Significations of 3rd house---- Mental inclinations, ability, memory, intellect, inclination to study, restlessness, mental confusion.
Arms, fingers, dexterity, adaptability, co-ordination, hands, throat, shoulder blade, collarbone, and nervous system, lungs
Correspondence, communications, books, letters, papers, writings, accounting, mathematics, press
Courage, firmness, valor, bravery, prowess and heroism.
Younger brothers and sisters, cousins, kindred, casual acquaintances, neighbors, short travel.
Eating unspoiled or pure foods, edible roots and fruits.
Vehicles, bicycle, bus, train, or railway, boats, car trips, boat trips.
Rumors, gossiping, carrying tall tales.
Post office, telephone, TV, telegraph, radio, telecommunications, computer, airmail.
Library, bookstore, mediator, messenger, reporter, publicity officer, editor, journalist.
Change of residence, signature, signing contracts or agreements.
Neighboring countries, treaties, roadside places, partition of property.
Illness of Mother-in-Law
Children of friends

Significations of 9th house---- Wisdom, faith and divine worship, devotion to God, higher communications
Religious and philosophical beliefs, philosophy, devotion
Fortune, invention, discovery, exploration
Churches, temples, mosques, places of worship, pilgrimage to holy places
Meditation, intuition, spiritual preceptors, dreams and visions
Father, Guru, short trips involving spouse
Legal arbitration, law, legal departments
Immigration and emigration
Long journeys, air travel, sea voyages
Publishing of books, long distance communications
International affairs, import and export, national trade, circulation of money
Charities, visits to holy places sacrifice, good conduct, penance
Wells, tanks, water sheds vehicles of servants
Children’s pleasures and speculative benefits; pleasures derived from sports (5th from the 5th)
Mother’s illness, spouse of younger sibling (brother or sister in-law), friends to elder sibling

Taking a look at 3rd house significations we find that third is more about action, confusion casual acquaintances, courage, firmness, communication, rumor mongering etc.
While 9th stands for wisdom faith, Guru, Father, fortune, good conduct, penance and philosophy.
So though the third stands for worldly desires, confusion, action, boldness etc the ninth house stands for wisdom, learning and restraint and faith,so how can the lord of 9th obstruct or hinder progress.

Lord of 3rd is almost always considered as a malefic while lord of 9th is considered benefic. A benefic cannot obstruct, so it has to be the lord of 3rd to be the badhak.

Astrological  birth data of Manu chabbria and other  life details taken from journal of astrology  July- Aug 2012.

Manu chabbria the well known businessman of yesteryears had a dream run of acquiring and building a business empire till he fell out with his brother their rivalry then took a nasty turn and they soon tried to bring each other down sometimes sharing the family business secrets with law agencies and rivals. Manu chabbaria the well known businessman with a business empire of more than $600 million was pulled down due to fallout from own brother in Maha dasa of Mars-jupiter Jupiter lord of 8th is in exchange with 3rd lord and thus soaks the characterstics  of 3rd lord  and becomes  a  badhaka  due to placement and exchange .Chara dasha,kumbha- tula.  His third lord  venus and its dispositor Jupiter  acted as badhak for him obstructing his mercurial growth for it was his own brother who spilled the beans for him.

Example 2---- LK Advani

MD Saturn-Saturn –mercury  from 22/7/2009 to 26/07/2009 LK advani had to resign as leader of opposition , Saturn is Badhaka  as lord of 3rd house.