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Monday, December 4, 2017

Rahu and Saturn

Rahu and Saturn.
Shani and Rahu,                                                    Shani vrat rahu
Rahu and Saturn-The two planets have similarities and differences from each other Rahu operate on mental plane Saturn on physical, one exposes other detaches, one tests other manifests, one expands other consolidates. Rahu is intuitive and can work on desires with abject focus while Saturn is about austerities and physical labor. Rahu is thought Saturn is the result of it while Mars is the action. Astrologers have the habit of making Rahu and Saturn the dumping ground of entire horoscope. Rahu as the blessing of fortune and God can give plenty Saturn is the planet that scythes away the bottom of such riches if not used judiciously. Rahu is intellect and focus Saturn is the reasoning and logic based on hard facts.