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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Notes on medical astrology

Health and astrology.
Planets and health.

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When afflicting the Ascendant
Sun causes-  Physical disorders and those arising from cold.
Moon Causes—Functional disorders and irregularities of the system.
Mercury – Nervous and mental disorders.
Mars-  Inflammatory disorders and accidents.
Venus- disorders due to excess of pleasure
Jupiter-  Blood disorders and diseases due to excess.
Saturn-  Chronic complaints through cold and weakness.
When Afflicting Sun.
Moon- The health will be weak, there will be susceptibility to Constitutional and functional disorders due to cold, the eyes may also suffer.
Mars-  Gives problems due to excessive heat, inflammations, cuts, wounds, boils and accidents.
Saturn—Chronic disorders due to cold and neglect.
Jupiter- Blood disorders, apoplexy, plethora and ailments arising out of excess.
Sun is Hyleg( giver of Life) of life – For male natives and does well in odd signs, weakest odd sign being Libra and Aquarius, sun is strong health promoter in Taurus and Scorpio. Sun does well in fiery signs  next in line are airy signs ,then earth signs and its weakest health promoter in watery signs.
Moon is hyleg of life in female nativity, cancer and Pisces are the two signs that moon does well in. Airy signs are also good, while Taurus and Virgo of earthly signs also strengthen health. Fiery signs are not favorable as moon is not comfortable in fiery signs. Two worst signs with respect to health of female natives is moon in Scorpio or Capricorn. Scorpio produces impurities and irregularities of the femine system, it frequently can cause obesity. Capricorn moon generally suffer from ill health and are weak and frail in stature.