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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Manu bhai shah's Observations on Astrology.

Manu bhai Shah's notes on astrology.

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Important hint:
Mars in the 6th, house gives benefic results and is
The destroyer of illnesses and enemies, while Saturn is the creator of diseases and enemies, is to be understood.

The planet which is com-bust (covered by Sun's
Orb) gives the result of the Sun

What is the effect of the planet which aspects?
The aspect of planet is considered to be powerful.
For instance, Venus which in the 1st house wants
To create its own effect in the first house, but if Jupiter
Aspects Venus in the 1st house, the effect of Venus
Is cancelled by Jupiter in the 1st house; while Jupiter in the 7th house wants to create his own effect in
The 7th house but Venus from the 1st house aspects
Jupiter therefore cancelling the effect of Jupiter in 7th house.