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Monday, July 6, 2015

Shani/ rahu remedy for mitigation of adverse effects.

Best remedy to tide you over rough times,remedy for sadesati,kantak and adverse shani.

This post is addressed to Sh Rabinder Bhandari ji for his expert comments on this and further elaboration and systematic explanation of the this post .

This here was posted by me on Facebook ,recreated for all who want to benefit from it.

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    • Nalini Ibajaj Sewa... No one actually need our Sewa...everyone is living without it... But we need it for We need to live and die in peace.
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    • Rabinder Bhandari Respected Jatinder Sandhu ji, this is very much true, that in the court – House No. 11th of horoscope of any native, there are five planets working immediately i.e. Jupiter`s presence is must, because this is his court, and at the post of Judge – Saturn is considered very much appropriate, because in decision making, that planet is always at the truth, so the judgement order will be very proper (which is done by Saturn after taking the oath of his Mother`s Milk – Moon), e.g. if Sun, the father of Saturn is at fault, the decision can never be in favour of Sun, proper punishment will be ordered by the Judge (Saturn) after examining the statements of PROSECUTION WITNESS – Rahu regarding bad deeds done and similarly of DEFENCE COUNCIL – Ketu concerning good works done, which are properly written on the plain white paper of Mercury. So, serving in Joda ghar sincerely with clear intention of service will be quoted as your good deed by Ketu – similarly all other good works done to the humanity and abstaining from bad deeds can be of great help to every one. With regards…..
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    • Jatinder Sandhu Thank you Sir i really appreciate your reply ,thank you very much for detailed explanation and explaining this in clear precise manner.
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