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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Palmistry as mentioned in Brihat prashar hora shastra.

Brihat prashar hora shastra on palmistry .

Female horoscopy.

51-52. If in the palm of a woman there is a line, which, starting from the root of the thumb goes up to the root of the little finger, she becomes a widow.Refer A-A in the following image.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Astro palmistry as explained by Av Sundaram

Astro palmistry as explained by Av Sundaram sir from face book post i have added a drawing of hand for the benefit of all This one for Those who are interested in Astro-Palmistry.
A little bird told me "' the RASIS indicate the following in the Hand.
Mesha..the Thumb, Vrishba..the Mount of Venus.
.Mithuna..the Life line. .Karkata.the.Mount of Moon.
.Simha .the.Line of Heart. .Kanya..the Little finger..
Thula..the Girdle of Venus( below Ring& Middle fingers)
Vrishchika.. the Ring finger. Dhanus..the Head line..
Makara..the Middle finger.. Kumbha..the line of FATE.
Meena..the Fore finger..
my note. Kethu..indicates flag, a thin rope etc. i have a Flag on my Thumb,
Kethu is in Mesha for me
Wedding Ring is put on the Ring finger..Vrishchika.. the house of Sex.
In anger people show their Middle finger.(Mars ext .house)
The Thumb represents the person ..the first house.
I n Death the Mercury plays a role..the Line of Life.etc..
Further research needed..

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stree jatak( female horoscopy)effect of planets in houses

Female horoscopy as per Stree jatak.

Female horoscopy – planets in various houses and effects.
Ravi in 1 - produces hot body, heat diseases, bad temper, leanness, ingratitude,
fond of dining at others' places and repulsive complexion.
Ravi in 2 - deprived of corn. and coin, harsh tongue, debility, fond of quarrels,
hatred, mischief, friendless.
Ravi in 3 - always happy, healthy body, handsome, nice face, full busts. Three
things in a woman add to her beauty: fine teeth, handsome eyes and well formed
Ravi in 4 - unhappy, sickly body, ugly teeth, repulsive body, hateful and
troublesome behaviour.
Ravi in 5 - few issues, leadership, religious observance, stout face and teeth,
dutiful. to parents, agreeable conversation and faith in Brahmins and priestly class
are indicated.
Ravi in 6 - importance, victory over enemies, clever among females, good conduct,
righteous deeds, wealth, generous and handsome.
Ravi in 7 - neglected by husband, unhappiness, terrible to deal with,
Unsympathetic, phlegmatic diseases, sinful deeds and deformed body.
Ravi in 8 - relations suffering from poverty and sorrows, crooked acts of charity, suffering from excessive blood passing.
Ravi in 9 - pretending charities, fond of sinful deeds, poverty, many enemies,
excessive anger, fine sources of comfort.
Ravi in 10 - crooked charities, unattractive, hatred towards husband, dark body,
fond of walking and travelling.
Ravi in 11 - gains, children and grandchildren. command over passions, great skill
in arts, patience, commanding, respect from relations.
Ravi in 12 - expenditure on evil work, rough, extravagance, fond of sinful deeds,
cruel, fondness for all articles, irreligious tendencies.

Chandra in 1 - handsome; when the Moon is on the wane, slender body, sickness,
quarrelsome and fond of crooked deeds.
Chandra in 2 - great wealth, polite, principled among females, charitable, devoted
to husband, righteous, and respect to good Brahmins.
Chandra in 3 - diseases from excessive phlegm and wind, disagreeable
conversation, crooked views, dependency on mean masters, non-regard, for justice,
bad conduct, miserliness, ungrateful.
Chandra in 4 - happiness, valuable ornaments, steadiness, following strictly
religious codes. great enjoy ment, devotion to God and preceptors.
Chandra in 5 - good children, good conduct, great activity, happiness, truth, control
over passions, love for husband, handsome.
Chandra in 6 - small heart, bold, rude, fickle-minded, wounds, various kinds of
diseases, emaciated body.
Chandra in 7 - skill, love to husband, generosity, prudence, pleasant speech,
wealth, attraction and good conduct.
Chandra in 8 - cruel, envious eyes, ill-developed breasts and sexual organ, lack of
ornaments, unclean body, anger, wonderful scandals.
Chandra in 9 - pious, good waist, fond of enjoyment, liberal, agreeable, faithful
servants, good issues and happy.
Chandra in 10 - gold ornaments, good respect, not fond of sense engagements, good social position, high rank among relations, charitable, fond of meritorious
deeds and truthful.
Chandra in 11 - much gain, agreeable, attractive, prudence and foresight, control
over passions, easily pleased, charitable, lawful and healthy.
Chandra in 12 - spend thrift, windy diseases, active habits, humble mind, impatient,
unreasonable, poverty.

Kuja in 1 - red complexion, sorrowful body, disrespect, rejected by husband,
Kuja in 2 - irreligious, poverty, crooked husband, excessive, expenditure,
passionate, anger, many diseases, few hairs.
Kuja in 3 - prosperity, patience, agreeable relations, respect for good men,
impotence; health and dignity.
Kuja in 4 - disappointments, steady devotion, unhappiness, widowhood, houseless,
rejected by relations and highly irritable.
Kuja in 5 - crooked issues, immodest, bad company, fond of sinful deeds, issueless
and few relations.
Kuja in 6 - happy with husband, foeless, great wealth, friendship with good
persons, learned, healthy.
Kuja in 7 - early widowhood, bad character, poverty, repulsive body and
mischievous tendencies.
Kuja in 8 - many diseases, emaciated body, without guardian, poverty, cuts and
scars, repulsive, fond of tormenting others.
Kuja in 9 - impious, unhappy, sickness, poverty, offensive to good people, and fond
of flesh and drinking.
Kuja in 10 - crooked works and views, irreligious and fond of unholy work,
shameless, ignorance.
Kuja in 11 - large gains, indifferent to possession of articles, good temper, various
enjoyments, fond of husband and righteous conduct.
Kuja in 12 -fond of red grains, misdeeds, expenditure on sinful acts, fond of
drinking, cruel, always suffering from some complaint and weak constitution

Budha in 1 - handsome, devoted to husband, righteous, broad eyes, plenty of food
and drink, always loving, truthful,
Budha in 2 - wealth, purity, handsome, fond of God and Brahmins, and sacrificial
rites, prosperity, and desire to read and hear Puranas or religious works.
Budha in 3 - riches, devoted to God and religious men, children, self-respect,
obliging and good social position and authority.
Budha in 4 - happiness, good and pious friends, servants, devotion to God and holy
priests, respectable family, and fondness for charitable deeds.
Budha in 5 - few issues, poor eater, ordinary wealth, quarrelsome, objectless or
non-profitable travelling, objectionable conduct, poverty and hatred for good
Budha in 6 - hating enemies. kind-hearted, long life, active habits, excessive
passion, and unwillingness to help others.
Budha in 7 - dignified, skilful in all works, fond of sastras, feasts and religious rites,
good reputation, and loving fellow-creatures.
Budha in 8 - ungrateful and forgetting help, unsympathetic, uncharitable,
misunderstandings among people, always sickness, timidity.
Budha in 9 - virtuous. charitable, polite, wealth, reputation, strength, great
patience, truthful.
Budha in 10 - righteous conduct, devotion to husband, prosperity, wealth,
handsome, just and polite.
Budha in 11 - contented, great gains, good temper, virtuous, popular.
Budha in 12 - perverted and ignorant, Indifferent, quarrelsome, disordered, emaciated body and subject to criticisms from good people.

Guru in 1 - truthful, good enjoyment, dignified speech, good company, beautiful,
respect and leadership among females.
Guru in 2 - great wealth, good marital life, agreeable, just, fond of good deeds,
good social position, disinterested and without mishaps.
Guru in 3 - want of self-respect, many sins, disgrace, and suffering always from
some disease or nervous complaints in the limbs.
Guru in 4 - great happiness. and various foods and drinks, many servants and
maids, rich ornaments, fine reputation, handsome features and blessed with
virtuous conduct.
Guru in 5 - good and prosperous children, bereft of sinful deeds (this means she
will do good), agreeable temperament, fond of religious performances, truthful,
respected in all assemblies and gatherings.
Guru in 6 - siding enemies, virtuous, suffering -from various troubles and worries,
timid and fearing, engaged in unimportant or trivial works, insincere attentions
and politeness.
Guru in 7 - good temperament, meritorious deeds, bright understanding, few
enemies, love and regard to husband, desirable reputation.
Guru in 8 - untruthful, houseless, loss of husband. pains in hands and feet, great
sorrow, poor meals and many complaints in the body.
Guru in 9 - religious faith, truthfulness, pleasure from building tanks, wells and
other charitable works, agreebleness, reputation, love for. holy men, riches,
faithful and good servants and gratefulness.
Guru in 10 - works which give reputation, good qualities, amiability, many
servants, politeness, loveliness, engaged in virtuous wonderful works.
Guru in 11 - control over passions, unsullied reputation, wealth, fond of skilful
works, truthfulness, praised for her amiable qualities.
Guru in 12 - spending money on sinful acts, sickly body, few gains, doing irreligious
acts, bad temperament and fond of other religious systems. This means that she
will neglect her own religion and faith and join different faiths in antagonism to
her normal religion. This is considered to be hateful in the eyes of her coreligionists.

Sukra in 1 - agreeable husband., good married life, skilful in work, great wealth,
pure body, conquest over enemies, amiable nature.
Sukra in 2 - great wealth, skilful works, dependent, appearances of grandeur, love
of charity, good nature, respectable deeds and sweet speech.
Sukra in 3 - poverty. defeated relations, great sorrow, pride and speech in low
Sukra in 4 - great happiness and wealth, jolly tempera ment, Iove of charitable
deeds, control over passions, an ornament to her family.
Sukra in 5 - wealth in coins and kind, many daughters, grand dress, good company,
and leader in her family.
Sukra in 6 - meanness, irritable, cruel temperament, con quest over enemies,
rejected by children and husband.
Sukra in 7 - greatness through wealth, love of husband, fond of scientific
knowledge, general proficiency and cleverness, fond of Brahmins, helping people.
Sukra in 8 - pride, sorrow, want of comforts, unsympathetic, cheating others, illselected
clothing, un-righteous conduct.
Sukra in 9 - fondness for meritorious work. leader among females, varieties of
wealth and clothes, luxurious food contentment. agreeable to husband.
Sukra in 10 - respect and reputation, great wealth, body worthy of respect by good
deeds, great power, beauty, truthful.
Sukra in 11 - great gains, fond of scientific knowledge, great influence, many
houses and furniture.
Sukra in 12 - expenditure on evil deeds, sorrow, hard bodily organs, deceitful,
dissimulative talk, disease, dull.

Sani in 1 - ugly and deformed body, great discomforts, insignificant, stout bones,
teeth and hairs, uninviting eyes, windy complaints, constipation and piles, fiery
temperament, stubborn.
Sani in 2 - poverty, insignificant among the females, rejected by others,
unsympathetic, cruel temper, unrighteous, irritable, harsh language.
Sani in 3 - great capacity, leader among ladies, grateful, many issues, charitable and
protective temperament, friendship among good people.
Sani in 4 - unhappiness, want of intelligence, ungrateful, capricious, poor
surroundings, always fond of doing evil deeds and keeping company with
undesirable people, questionable morals.
Sani in 5 - want of children, unkind, very proud, prostitute behavior, friendship
with wicked people, perverse views.
Sani in 6 - dull, leader among women, many issues, many jewels and clothes, good
character, love for children.
Sani in 7 - widowhood, insignificant, many diseases, fond of drinking, evil
company, many sins and un-desirable associates.
Sani in 8 - committing sinful acts, cruel temper, untruthful and unrighteous,
thievish habits, deceitful nature, early dangers and 'accidents'.
Sani in 9 - mean acts, extravagant, friendship with misers, uneducated, rough,
bereft of polite manners.
Sani in 10 - fond of evil deeds, feminine temper, love for filthy literature, poverty
and bad conduct.
Sani in 11 - good issues, great wealth, handsome personality; luxurious food, great
gains, bold.
Sani in 12 - bloody complaints, excess of wind and phlegm, diseases from these
sources, stupidity, perverse nature, sorrowful and rejected by many. Results have
been explained from the constellations, lunar influences, sign peculiarities and
influences of planets in the different Bhavas. These are specially applicable to

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mantra sound and healing effect on body specific parts.

Mantra healing.

Can the energy emitted by mantra sounds be used to heal specific body parts ,well the answer seems to yes .Using beej mantras with these basic combinations can definitely help in healing but as i have been maintaining earlier ,almost all mantras require procedures and process and should be done with proper initiation,devotion and under aegis of trained Guru.

Taken from science of mantras by-Pandit shriram acharya