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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mental problems and astrology

Astrological combination for mental problems.

·         Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 Mental - insanity Saturn in lagna + mars in 5th / 9th / 7th
·         Shambu Hora Prakasa 14 Mental - insanity weak moon + saturn in 12th
·         Sarvartha Chintamani Mental aberration moon + mars in the 6th
·         Sarvartha Chintamani Mental aberration - Lunacy Moon in 12th along with Rahu and malefic& a benefic in 8th
·         Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Jupiter in Lagna + Mars in 7th
·         Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Saturn in Lagna + Mars in 7th or trikona
·         Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Sun + Moon in Trikona
·         Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Jupiter & Saturn in Kendra + Birth on Saturday /Truesday
·         Sarvartha Chintamani Mental derangement Moon & Mercury in kendra without benefic navamsa
·         Jatakaadesha 8 Mental derangement Sun + Moon in lagna / trikona & Jupiter in Apoklima +Birth on Tuesday / Saturday
·         Jatakaadesha 8 Mental derangement Moon + Mercury in Kendra without the association of any other planet and NOT aspected by their lord
·         Veerasimhavaloka Mental disorder - over exitment Sun in Gemini / Virgo aspected by Jupiter (budha rasahu dinabhartari drishte gurunaa mahonmaadaH)
·         Veerasimhavaloka Mental disorder - over excitement Venus in Cancer navamsa
·         Veerasimhavaloka Mental disorder - over excitement Moon in Cancer / Taurus / Aries in Lagna
·         Sarvartha Chintamani Mental trouble Lord of lagna + 6th lord + Mercury
·         Jatakaadesha 8 Mental Unhappiness ? Very Strong Moon aspecting Very weak Lagna Lord +Birth in shukla paksha