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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Remedy for sadesati,kantak shani or malefic shani.

Saturn is a planet that represents physical and menial work ,supression of ego,hardships,disease genrator ,karma karak and discipline.
 When ill-posited it brings miseries, sorrow, delay, obstruction, disappointment, disputes, dejection, difficulties. Saturnine natives are defensive, nervous and secretive.

Remedy --
Performing a daily seva like mopping/sweeping the floors of a religious place daily for atleast 20 minutes or more .
Logic-- Daily discipline - You develop a daily discipline as liked by Shani.
You perform menial job at the same time supressing your ego.
You are likely to prespire from the effort as such.
You bring postivity as you visit the religious place and do a daily selfless seva.
By doing this seva you are able to mitigate the evil effects of karma to some extent.