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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Astrology Quiz 12: At present, native is suffering from which disease?

Hey friends, we are back for all of you with our Astrology quiz 12. Participate in it and try your luck. Maybe this time the title of the winner belongs to you. And yes, don't forget to check your name in the 'AstroSage Quiz Hall of Fame'.

Quiz 12 Question:

At present, native is suffering from which disease? Explain with astrological reasons.
Answer options:
  • (A) Cataract
  • (B) Diabetes
  • (C) Liver damage
  • (D) Arthritis
Birth Details:
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 03 March,1974
  • Time of Birth: 14:52
  • Place of Birth: Indore, M.P., India
  • Longitude: 75:50 E
  • Latitude: 22:43 N

Birth Chart

Astrology quiz12 birthchart for north
Astrology quiz12 birthchart for south
Detailed chart (Kundli) is shared on following URL - http://k.astrosage.com/quiz12

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please support your answer with an Astrological reasoning. Answers without reasoning will be disqualified.
  2. Entries will be considered till 19/03/2014.
  3. Answer will be announced on 20/03/2014
  4. You can either comment on the comment box below or you can send email to quiz@astrosage.com with your answer and astrological reasoning.
  5. If there are more than one winner, one winner will be selected randomly for the prize. But all names who have given correct reply will go to 'AstroSage Quiz Hall of Fame'.

Quiz #12 Results

AstroSage had asked you an astrological question in its twelfth quiz. As per the provided birth chart, the question asked was: At present, native is suffering from which disease? Explain with astrological reasons.
Right answer is Option (A) Cataract
Many contestants gave right answer, but 5 of them gave the right answer along with the explanation and their names are: Khas, J. S. Sandhu, R V S N Sarma, D.K. Patel, Dhirendra Nath Misra, Ajit Sarthi, Chandrashekhar and Alok Vohra..
Best Answer:
This time, all contestants gave answers according to the rules, but only one among them is to be given the honor of the best answer and this time the title for the best answer goes to "J. S. Sandhu".
His Answer:
Dear concerned,
This quiz is indeed a tricky one as there exists possibility of several diseases specifically Liver disease.
However, I would go by cataract.
Sun and moon afflicted.( Sun and Moon signify the eyes)
Lord of 2nd and 12th again signifying eyes conjunct sixth lord.
Venus significator of cataract in ppap kataari yoga.( hemmed in malefics)
Current MD-Saturn- sun again puts forth the eye angle as sun is lord of 2nd and signifies eyesight.
Seat of disease is established above neck as sun is 12th from lagna and lagna is moveable ,again it brings in the eye angle.
Gulika in first house is also responsible for eye troubles as per jataka parijata.

Why is option (A) the right answer?

Native was born in Cancer ascendant and Cancer Navamsa. Native was born under Ardra Nakshatra (constellation) of Rahu. The point to be noted here is that the native was born in the ascendant of Moon (Cancer ascendant) during the period of Rahu; hence, health related problems will be seen in his Kundali. Native's ascendant-lord Moon is under malefic effects. Moon is adversely affected by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Therefore, troubles related to health are quite obvious in life.
Eyes of a person are related to 2nd and 12th house of his/her Kundali. Sun and Moon are the Karak (significators) in this matter. Venus is also considered in matters related to eyes. Hence, eyes troubles are possible if these houses, lords of the houses and planets are adversely affected. In the Kundali of native, Sun is the lord of 2nd house, which is also the Karak planet for eyesight; in the 8th house, it is posited in its enemy planet, Saturn, and it is also in the Nakshatra of Rahu. Therefore, Sun is afflicted mainly in three ways - due to positioning in 8th house, enemy's sign and Rahu's Nakshatra. Mars and Saturn are aspecting the 2nd house. If aspect of Rahu is considered, Rahu is also affecting the 2nd house. Also, 6th house, which is known as the house of disease, is also affecting 2nd house lord and 2nd house. Though, Jupiter is a benefic planet, but being the lord of 6th house, it will result in disease. Hence, 2nd house and 2nd house lord, both are under malefic influence.
Zodiac sign Gemini is posited in the 12th house. Its lord, Mercury is also posited in 8th house, enemy sign and is retrograde. In the 12th house, along with Saturn, Ketu and Rahu, 6th house lord Jupiter's influence is also there. In the Kundali, Moon and Sun, both are affected. Venus is also in Paap Kartri Yoga; therefore, native got affected by disease related to eyes. However, native is prone to other diseases also that are given in the options. But, why he got affected by cataract only? We will get this answer with the Dashas of the Kundali.
In the Kundali of native, Sun's Dasha in Saturn began from March, 2013. Sun, other than being the lord of second house, is also the Karak of eyesight. As it is affected in the Kundali; therefore, eye disease is natural. Effect of Saturn�s transit is on ascendant and effect of Jupiter�s transit (6th house lord in Kundli) is on 12th house. Hence, these planets are also responsible for giving eye troubles. However, native took the help of surgery for the problem. From March 10, 2014, influence of Moon's Antar-Dasha also started on the native. Ascendant lord Moon is trying to improve the health condition; however, due to malefic effect, favorable results are not coming properly.
Those who could not answer accurately this time can participate in our next quiz - Quiz 13. It will help you sharpen your astrology skills. Thanks a lot for participating in AstroSage Quiz 12.
We hope that those of you who did not get it right this time will give it another shot and join us in the next quiz. AstroSage family congratulates all the participants and winners. If any name is missed out from the winners� list, please let us know and we will update the list. All these names make a place in "AstroSage Quiz: Hall of Fame". If you have profile on AstroSage Online Astrologer Directory, please let us know and we will update link to your profile with your name.