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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nakshatras for females as per stri jatak.

Female colleagues working together on rooftop patio photo

1. Aswini - agreeable, great wealth, inviting looks, good speech, patience, fond of
sexual operations, purity, respect of Gods and elders.
2. Bharani - female companions, cruel, quarrelsome, evil heart, poverty, cowardly,
dirty clothes.
3. Krittika - anger, fond of quarrels, later renunciation, hatred of people, few
relations, phlegmatic, lean body.
4. Rohini - handsome body, purity, active, love to husband, dutiful to parents, good
male and female children, wealth.
5. Mrigasira - respect, handsome, agreeable speech, good ornaments, delicious
food, fine clothing, fond of wealth, good sons, charitable, clean body.
6. Aridra - irritable temper, bad heart, bilious and phlegmatic, devotion to God,
clever in detecting enemies, faults, extravagant, perverted learning.
7. Punarvasu - humility, many servants, fond of virtue, charitable, pleasantness,
respect, handsome husband.
8. Pushyami - handsome, great deeds, wealth, good children, respect for Gods and
priests, storeyed houses, great happiness, fond of relations.
9. Aslesha - ugly, sorrow, fond of sinful deeds, harsh language, doing objectionable
work, pride, dissimulation ungrateful.
10. Makha - respect, joining enemies, great wealth, respect for Gods and Brahmins
and royal comforts.
11. Pubba - success over enemies, prosperity, good issues, righteous, just acts, bold,
fond of sciences, pleasant speech, meritorious gratitude
12. Uttara - steady, wealth, principled, clever in managing domestic work, love for
good conduct, joyful, healthy.
13. Hasta - beautiful hands, charming eyes and ears, patience, good nature, riches,
scientific knowledge, comfortable living.
14. Chitta - fine pictures; nice ornaments, handsome body. If she is born in Chitta
on any lunar day excepting the 14th day of dark half of the month, she will become
a Vishakanya or poisonous girl. If she is born on any lunar day in the bright half of
the lunar month, excepting on the 14th in Chitta, she will become poor and
15. Swati - virtuous, issues, wealth, truthful, little travelling, respect, many friends,
victory over enemies.
16. Visakha - good speech, delicate and fine body, wealth, fond of visiting shrines,
and religious rites and sympathy for relations.
17. Anuradha - good friends, selfless, agreeable and attractive person, social and
political powers, good and suitable ornaments, beautiful waist, respect for elders
and instructors, godly, respect for husband.
18. Jyeshta - agreeable, skilful work, sweet speech, feminine friends, great wealth,
prosperity, issues, regard for relations, truthful.
19. Moola - little happiness, widowhood, poverty, sickness, enemies, few relations,
despised by others, evil deeds and short stature.
20. Poorvashadha - agreeable, leader among relations, good deeds, powerful,
determination, truthful, broad eyes, well-formed and handsome body, good
21. Uttarashadha - pleasant, reputation, good enjoyment, leader, joyful and
agreeable to husband.
22. Sravana - very handsome, wise, fond of sastras, great reputation, charitable,
truthful, helpful to fellow creatures.
23. Dhanishta - fond of hearing stories, plenty of food and clothes, generous in
distribution of various articles, riding on horses and carriages, excellent character,
good deeds.
24. Satabhisha - control over passions, loved by females, respect among relations,
devotion to God, love to elders, and fond of doing agreeable work.
25. Poorvabhadra - great wealth, love for children, doing charity among good
people, good company, education, prosperity, eminent social position.
26. Uttarabhadra - beloved by husband, patient, devoted to husband; agreeable to
preceptors, humility, happy, wise and tactful, fond of good deeds.
27. Revati - dignified, very friendly, pure, fond of religious rites, attractive, many
cattle, victory over enemies, beautiful.