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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

Guru and shukra together .

Guru   the Dev Guru and Shukra the Asur Guru both learned brahmins ,both natural benefics but adversaries of each other one protects the kingdom or macro cause other protects the inhabitants .Here venus is for macro protection  and jupiter here denotes micro approach it tries to take care of the inhabitants first then the Kingdom  so jupiter aspect is more beneficial than the actual placement whereas venus protects the durg  because he has the Mrit sanjeevani  vidya and can bring the dead to life .

Saravali says "JUPITER+VENUS": One will live by education and
debates, will follow a highly virtuous path, will have an accurate
conception or notion (of things), and will have a supreme wife.

HoraSara says "JUPITER+VENUS": If Jupiter and Venus join in the 1st,
5th, 9th, or 8th house, then the native will enjoy wife, wealth and
sons. Should Jupiter and Venus be conjunct in other houses, one will
be troubled by diseases and be sorrowful.

In Jataka. Because hardly both grahas play role of functional
benefics at a same time. i.e. if one is functional benefic other one is malefic.

Let us see what they can do being conjunct in various houses (As per Garga Hora by Sage Gargaarya )

Guru, Sukra in the 1st Bhava: will be dear to king, be inclined to earn more wealth, will have more knowledge in policies, be very rich and be an exponent of Śāstras to a great proportion.
Guru, Sukara in the 2nd Bhava: will be chief among kings, will be endowed with honour, wealth and army, will honour good deeds, will live by praise and valour and will be successful
Guru, Sukra in the 3rd Bhava: will not be prosperous, be devoid of sons, be defeated, will have abundant grief and also abundant happiness, be devoid of shame and be not friendly.
Guru, Sukra in the 4th Bhava: will have wealth in plenty, will be endowed with gold, pearls and sons, will be faithful to religion and interested in shrines etc.
Guru, Sukra in the 5th Bhava: will be very fortunate, be chief among his men, will have many sons, be wealthy and happy.
Guru, Sukra in the 6th Bhava: will be interested in sexual acts, be fickle-minded about ladies, be addicted to liquor, be ungrateful, sinful and will cheat.

.Guru, Sukra in the 7th Bhava: will house various diseases, will have strange voice and auspicious body, be cruel, praiseworthy, famous and pious of God and Brahmins

Guru, Sukra in the 8th Bhava: will have many enemies, make enmity without purpose, have few children and will not be interested in Śāstras.
Guru, Sukra in the 9th Bhava: will have wealth and fame, good sons and paraphernalia, be frank and fond of children.
Guru, Sukra in the 10th Bhava: will be fond of Brahmins (wise men), be highly intelligent, be truthful and will visit shrines
Guru, Sani in the 11th Bhava: will worship Brahmins, be very splendourous, very wealthy, lordly and famous.

Guru, Sukra in the 12th Bhava: will be bereft of quadruped and servants, will suffer from a number of diseases, will lose his wealth, will be hard-hearted and be defeated by enemies.