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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bhagwati beej mantra--- "OM AIM HRIM KLIM CHAMUNDAYE VICCHE"


Om = Pranav representing Parmatma
Aim = Mahasaraswati
Hrim = MahaLakshmi 
Klim = Maha Kali
Chamundaye = Chamunda Devi
Vichhe = to untie

Meaning when combined- Mahasaraswati(Satwgun) MahaLakshmi(Rajogun) Mahakali(Tamogun) Swaroopa Maa adi shakti Chamunda Devi meri kundlini ki granthi ko khol den (Untie the knot of my Kundlini). This is the most simple interparteation of Navarnmantra and I really hate those who use this mantra in TV serials as a evil or marka mantra.


Navarna Mantra is the bija mantra of all three Divine Mothers, Maha Kali,
Maha Lakshmi, and Maha Saraswati. So it embodies all three Mothers.
The Mantra is Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce. Swamiji provides a beautiful
explanation for the mantra.

Aim is comprised of two letters a and i and the anuswara, m. a is the letter of
creation and i is the letter of the causal body and m is perfection. Aim is the
seed of wisdom. It means that the creation of perfection in the causal body is
the wisdom. Aim is Maha Saraswati.

Hrim is everything that can perceived by the senses, conceived in the mind,
known through intuition or meditation, and beyond. Hrim is Maha Lakshmi.

Klim is comprised of ka, la, i, and m. Ka means the cause, la means the gross
body, manifested existence, i means the causal body, and anuswara m means
perfection. So Klim is the cause of the perfect union between the gross body
dissolving into the causal body. Klim is Maha Kali.

Cha means to move, Munda means head. So Chamunda is She who moves in the head,
meaning the paradigm of reality, all that we know, all that we see.

Yai mean to or unto.

Vic means all that is knowable which is called samvit

Ce mean Chaitanya, consciousness

Thus the mantra means that the three gunas, the three Goddesses are constantly
moving in the paradigm of reality giving birth to all that is knowable as
perceived by consciousness.

Once we deeply intuitively think  the meaning we cease to say to the Goddess, " please
don't change " . We make ourselves the witness of nature and free us from the pain
of attachment. "

Benefits: The worship of Goddess Durga removes the effect of all types of black magic, unfavourable effect of negative planets, Bad luck, health problems, problems due to enemies etc.