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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Articles pertaining to conjunct planets.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Planets articles, relations and professions.

Planets articles, relations and  professions.
1. Sun
(i) The articles denoted by Sun arc Wheat, Gur, Red Cloth, silk,Red flowers. Red Sandal Wood, Brown Sugar, Musk, Saffron and Brown Buffalo. 
The animals indicated are Monkey, She-monkey,Kapila Cow found in Hilly areas. 
Tree of Tejphal is denoted by Sun.
The metals are Copper and Gold. Gem is Ruby. 
Colours denoted by Sun are Orange, Yellow, Brown and Gold etc.
(ii) The relations signified by Sun are father, nephew, friends and religious people or guides and sons of fathers’ sisters.
(ii) The professions denoted by Sun arc power, authority of the Govt ,professions connected with wheat etc. and with nephews, trades of silver, milk, conveyance, animals, property dealers, copper dealers and wheat grinding mill. Also professions connected with monkeys and with children will be beneficial. One will gain if the profession is carried out with nephews and sons of the father's sister.
2. Moon
(i) The articles denoted by Moon are rice, milk, curd, condensed sugar (Misri), white cloth, white sandal,  white camphor, green plant of post with milk, mare and horse. Wells, pond, spring water, underground water, self made or ancestral agriculture land,  opium, rain water and hail storm, etc. 
The metal is silver and Gem Pearl. 
Colours are white, pale, yellow, while, opal and silver shade.
(ii) Relations denoted are mother, aunt, mother of elder,Grandmother, mother of husband or wife, a woman who is blessed with the longest life in the dynasty etc.
(iii) The professions indicated are connected with garden, rice, horse, medicines, cloth merchant, ponds, wells, springs, education of females, articles connected with journey, ice vender, connected with agriculture and underground articles, of sea, ancestral property, dry
medicines which are to be used for heal, but narcotics, drugs and watery medicines will bring in loss particularly when Moon is posited in 10th house. Professions of white pearls, but the trade connected with pet animals and watery items will sustain loss when Moon is in 12th house.
3. Mars
(i) The articles of Mars are ghce, red cloth, red flower, red sandalwood, ivory, red copper, dal massor and chillies (red), sugar, sweet diet, honey, red sandoor, neem trce and skin of deer. The metals are copper or gold. Gems are red Coral and red slone. Colours indicated
are red scarlet and carmine. Animals are lion, lioness, Camel, She camel and deer.
Deak or neern trees are denoted.
(ii) The relations denoted are brothers which include elder brother of father, elder brother of mother, friends of children brother in law VIZ husband of sister, brother of wife, brother of grandfather and adopted brother of father etc.
(iii) Professions for Mars are of Ivory, snuff, skin of deer, doctor, medicines particularly used for belly, dal masoor, fruit, and property not connected with machinery, dry fruits, red coloured articles, honeand trade of sweet meals, red metal and sandoor, and trade of medicines which are not sweet. Professions connected with teeth,sword etc. will not be beneficial.
4. Mercury
(i) The articles denoted by Mercury arc Sugar, green cloth, flowers,green Moong, turpentine, camphor and music instrument, lead, ghosts,wine, roasted meat, alum, toys. sea shells and metals are silver andgold. Gem is emerald. The animals arc elephant, parrot, goat whereas
trees and plants denoted are banana tree, ban tree having wide leaves,cactus thorny type, green grass etc. The colours of Mercury are azure,blue, dove and spotted mixture
(ii) The relations indicated for Mercury are uncles, elder daughter,unmarried sister in law, elder sister, daughter or aunt, daughter of grandfather  etc.
(iii) The professions denoted are jobs connected with human skull,music instruments, fountain pens, lead, bamboo, flower, stationery,restaurants etc. literature, books, wine shops, ivory, sea she Us,diamond, alum. connected with courts, toys shop but professions of stock exchange and shares, gambling etc. will sustain loss. One will gain in profession if one helps his granddaughter, niece etc.
In case Mercury is malefic in the horoscope and if one stammers,the evil effects of Mercury will be warded off.
5- Jupiter
(i) The articles of Jupiter are gram dal, salt, turmeric, gur brown sugar, yellow cloth, yellow flowers, ladoos (sweet), saffron, kasturi,books, ancestral house, temple, gurdwara, dried peepal tree, sulphur etc. 
The animals are lion, cock, frog. horse, etc. 
The metals are gold,tin, platinum. Gems arc Topaz and yellow sapphire.
 Colours arc green or purple, violet and mixture of red and indigo colours. 
Peepal tree is denoted by Jupiter.
(ii) The relations indicated are children, sadhus, grandfather,father, father-in-law, head of family Or' dynasty, king. guest, old learned man and school master etc.
(iii) The professions denoted are those connected with articles of yellow colours, earth work, educational, irrigation, scents, snuffs, trade of costly and valuable birds, book seller, milk and curd business, in hillareas, Pooja articles, gas and religious places articles, trade of iron,
platinum tin or artificial jewellery or rolled gold etc.
6_ Venus
(i) The articles ascribed to Venus are rice, sugar, milk, curd, ghee.scents and perfumes, white cloth, white flower, white cow and camphor.Copper utensils, carrot, cotton, and earth etc. The metals indicated are gold, silver and platinum. Gems denoted arc diamond and
white pearl. The animals are cow, bull, the plant is cotton plant. 
The colours are turquoise, pink, lemon. yellow and blue_
(ii) The relations of Venus are partner, wife, husband, married sister in law, brother's wife and women/man with whom one contracts illicit relations etc.
(iii) The professions denoted are the trades connected with women, perfumes, readymade garments, etc, business of potato, sun mica,, ghee, camphor, brick kiln, gur, gas, fruit, agriculture land Produces, copper wares, cow, underground vegetables and fruits, Cotton~
Pearl, white coloured articles etc. which will be beneficial
7. Saturn
(i) The articles for Saturn are black til, sarsoon oil, black mah dal,Musk, black cloth and black flowers. Black salt, peeper, grams black or white, chandan wood, palm trec, sagwan trce and wood thereof.Black insects, marble, cheel, kail wood, black surma, coal, black cow,
masalas of sorts, scorpio, reptiles, old wood, shisham tree, aak,crocodile, oil, soap, iron, foolad (kind of iron), tin, copper, artificial,fish almond and Colton seeds etc, 
The metals are lead and iron. Five metals copper, lead, silver, iron, gold jointly used are also denoted and are called Panch. Dhatu. The animals and birds are buffalo, black dog,and black horse. The plants are Kiker. The colours indicated are black, dark brown and Indigo. Gems arc blue sapphireLapis Lazuli etc.
(ii) The relations denoted by Saturn arc brother of father in law,husband of aunt, uncle and other like relations.
(iii) The professions indicated by Saturn are of Kikar, mah dal,Palm and dates, eye surgeon, all kinds of oils, marble, coal, Surma (black grounded metal used for eyes) Engineering, underground works and contractor ship, cotton seeds, also business of opium, charas, ganja,
old wood like shisham etc. river or watery animals like fish, crocodiles etc. railway, houses and iron and steel business, and business of almond.
8. Rahu
(i) The articles related to Rahu arc Sarsoon, Sword, horse, ivory,blanket, til, mixed seven grains, saffron, coconut and soft coal etc.
The metals are lead, gold, aluminium. Gems arc Ruby, Neelam and Gomed. 
The animals indicated arc black dog, elephant etc. and the plants are coconut tree, thorny grass ctc. The colours are black, blue and indigo.
(ii) The relations denoted by Rahu arc father-in-law or mother- in-law,sincere friends and in-laws of daughters etc.
(iii) The profitable professions of Rahu are business of Gold, sarsoon,lectures and Sermons’ to be adopted as business, big work and Contracts of electrical items, pet dogs, silver articles, business etc. But the business of coal. ivory, roofs of houses, raw coal, neelam,aluminium etc. will not be favourable and be avoided.
9. Ketu
(i) The articles of Ketu are sword, musk, blanket, till, sugar, saffron , mixed seven grains, imli, Iii, urinal, Pooja place, earthen  maund,rot, onion, and banana
The animals, and birds are sparrow, rabbit,donkey, pig, two coloured dog or bitch but they should not be of red colour, mouse and chhapkali. 
The gems are white and black two coloured stone, cat's eye and metals are steel and gold.
The colours indicated are mingled shades and checks, the trees are banana, imli
and till plants.
(ii) The relations are step son, only son, brother in law, nephew, soof aunt, maternal uncle, grandson, son of daughter or sister, son of uncle and second son of native.
(iii) The professions indicated are business of til oil, toilet articles,Pooja articles, cot, onions, business of piggery, donkey and sale of dogs, articles for foundations of houses, twin coloured
stone,  articles of luxury, children toys and banana trade. Sale and purchase of rabbits etc .