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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snap shot transit analysis .

GOCHARA EAKARASI ASHUBA NIRNAYA (Malefic transit results of Planets to cause in only one of the places) :: It is said that each Planet gives bad results in only one place in transit from Janma Rasi of Natal to the maximum extent for him/her to take precaution on that time and day.

1.       SUN (a month) transit in a house 1,2,4,5,7,8,9 and 12th house from Janma Rasi to give slightly bad results. On these the worst malefic result is when Sun transits the 5th Rasi from Janma Rasi.
2.       Moon in (2days) transiting a house 2,4,5,8,9, and 12th from Janma Rasi; give bad results  Worst when passing through 8th house.
3.       Mars in (about 25 days) transiting a house gives bad results except moving in 3,6 and 11th house; Maximum  bad results will be when transiting in 7th from Rasi.
4.       Mercury (about 18 days) transiting 1,2,3,5,7,9 and 12th house from Janma Rasi; gives very bad results when transiting 2ndhouse from Janma Rasi;
5.       Venus in (about 26 days) transiting gives bad results in 6,7, and 10th places from Rasi; the worst is when transiting 6thhouse from Janma Rasi;
6.       Jupiter (nearly 1 year) gives bad results when transiting 1,3,4,6,8,10 and 12th houses from Janma Rasi; The worst when transiting 3rd house;
7.       Saturn in (2.1/2 years) gives bad results except while transiting 3,6 and 11th houses from Janma Rasi; he gives maximum bad results while transiting Janma Rasi only; (no one need fear at all if they have Saturn in Makara, Kumbha, Mesha and Thula Rasi in their birth chart).
8.       Rahu and Ketu (about 1.1/2 years moving in anti clock wise) give bad results in except 3,6, and 11th house from Janma Rasi They give maximum bad results when moving in 9th house from Janma Rasi.
(Please check in these transits, one has ‘Maraka’ Desha in birth chart ‘Vimshotri’ Desha calculation which could be worse, for hospitalization, loss of job, humiliations, sufferings from unexpected sources, separation, fear, theft, accidents, and for some death.)

As of now Mercury ,Sun and Mars are transiting 12th from moon ,meaning not a good period as related to these three planets, Saturn and rahu transiting 7th from moon again not good,jupiter is 2nd from moon in transit is good .Ketu ,venus and moon are on natal moon,venus is ok, moon is ok and ketu not good.
Ashtak varga score---Sun gives 6 points ,Mars 5 and mercury 5 in pisces  this is supposed to be very good but the transit position is 12th from moon so its kind of neutral in effects.Venus on natal moon position gives 5 points and moon on natal moon 4 ,ketu is not assigned any points so the effect here will be slightly on the negative side.Saturn is 7th from moon in transits and has 4 points so it again is not positive in its effects.
The bodhaka ,poshka,vedaka and karaka concept on dasha cannot be applied as dasha is of Rahu- Rahu.