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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dirk Benedicts fight to recovery from prostate cancer- An astrological angle

Dirk Benedict (from an English tv guide)

When Dirk Benedict of TV's "The A-Team." was told he had cancer of the prostate, he refused traditional treatment and set out to cure himself with a strict macrobiotic diet. A year later he was given a clean bill of health.

Dirk Benedict was only 30 when he was told he had cancer of the prostate gland. The year was 1975 and the hunky American, star of television's The A-Team was then a moderately successful actor with only one real ambition: to live a full and happy three-score-years-and-ten. Longer, if possible.
Faced with serious and possibly incurable illness, he made an unusual and, some might say, crazy decision. He would tackle the killer disease without surgery or drugs, but with diet.

Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system. Most prostate cancers are slow growing;[1] however, there are cases of aggressive prostate cancers.[2] The cancer cells may metastasize(spread) from the prostate to other parts of the body, particularly the bones and lymph nodes. Prostate cancer may cause pain, difficulty in urinating, problems during sexual intercourse, or erectile dysfunction. Other symptoms can potentially develop during later stages of the disease.

Astrology of cancerCancer the dreaded killer disease,what causes it ?which planetary combinations are responsible?  

Common elements present in cancer patient charts . 

Conjunction/aspect  of Sat /mars with moon or  venus. 
Saturn and mars aspect or vice versa 
Malefic lord of 6th in ,6th,8th 10th or 12th. 
Lord of 6th in 6th ,8th 1oth and 12th. 
Jupiters aspect on waning moon . 
Moon and venus aspect  on each other. 
Aspect of Saturn/mars  on moon or venus. 
Venus or moon in Rahu ,ketu axis aspected by saturn ,mars or jupiter. 
I found that venus played a significant role in most charts. 
Maha dasha or antar of Rahu .
Another factor was that  in most of charts you had two or more of above listed combinations so no single combination is responsible for the dreaded disease. 

Since prostate is an organ of stomach Jupiter and venus as a planets signify the abdomen area.
Sign virgo represents bowels and entrails and is natural disease significator of natural zodiac. Pisces is 12th sign of natural zodiac indicating hospitalization etc.

Sun as lord of sixth is conjunct seventh lord mercury in 12th house ,mercury is combust ,mercury is a significator of immunity ,here immunity is badly affected .. Aspect of retrograde saturn ( from previous house) on sun+ mer conjunction completes the picture of chronic disease. venus the 8th lord is under the aspect of mars . Saturn aspects the ascendant also, Ascendent lord jupiter is conjunct ,fifth lord moon in 7th indicating the lower abdomen in sign virgo ,the sign that signifies the bowels and entrails. Mercury also stands for endocrine system as prostate cancer usually happens due to excessive harmonal production,mercury as significator is combust and conjunct lord of sixth . Mercury is badhaka for this chart ( obstructor) Jupiter being ascendent lord in virgo inpredominatly kapha sign ( One of tridoshas of Ayurved) with kapha planet moon and jupiter being a vata planet on account of its ownership of ether element expands the significations of kapha here. Jupiter being retrograde aspects sixth lord sun+ mer in the 12th house from the 6th house trigerring the disease in its MD - AD period. In navamsa jupiter is debilated retrograde and conjuct  retrograde saturn the 6th lord of navamsa in 6th .

Qualities of Kapha: Heavy, slow, steady, solid, cold, soft, oily

Physical Characteristics: Kapha types have a strong build and excellent stamina. Large, soft eyes; smooth, radiant skin; and thick hair are also important Kapha characteristics. Those who are predominantly Kapha sleep soundly and have regular digestion. But when Kapha builds to excess, weight gain, fluid retention, and allergies manifest in the body. When they’re out of balance, Kapha types may become overweight, sleep excessively, and suffer from asthma, diabetes, and depression.

In navamsa moon is in earth sign signifying a kapha personality, the navamsa sign rising is leo the sixth sign of D1, Retrograde saturn and jupiter are conjunct in sign capricon lorded by saturn the sixth lord.The prostate cancer was trig erred in the Maha dasha ana AD of Jupiter . Jupiter is in uttar phalguni nakshatra it indicates 

12 Uttara phalguni  fire Indyartha +Thursday  =dagdha Lord- Sun ,Tri dosha -Vata Left Hand Navel Skin disease. Intestinal disorder, tumor in bowels, liver,stomach disorder, swelling neck, left-hand, sore throat,blood pressure/palpitations, blood clotting in head =craziness. pada 1 = Spotted fever, plague, pains in theback and head, hyperemia, blood pressure, fainting,backache, temporary madness caused by clotting of blood in brain capillaries, palpitation. pada 2 = bad health. Pada 2 3 and 4 = Human Body: Intestines, bowels,liver. Diseases: Fainting, palpitation, stomach disorder,swelling in neck, tumors in the bowels, sore throat.Deep sense of loneliness is there is no good relationships, desiring to control authors with mystic practices/ tantra/ magic etc..tendency to be over giving then
feel the ingratitude.
Significations of Jupiter---
Jupiter jaundice, diabetes and other diseases of liver,anemia, diseases of pancreas glands and gall bladder, flatulence,ematiation, hormonal imbalance, etc.Inability to think or remember.disease in the stomach, fever,sorrow, fainting, ear diseases due to the fury of kapha dosha ;diabetes, diseases caused by the curses of Brahrnins and by the removal of treasure usually found in temples, and diseases by the anger of serpents.Fat, kidney, liver,tongue, right ear,higher mental plane/brain,diabetes.rules liver, arterial system,hearing power, absorptive power, hips/ thighs, fats and blood. speech Intellect =humble,Forgive straighKapha+A bit pitta Walkinentities

Signs virgo and libra-


Power of discrimination/analysis.Waist, abdominal umbilical region, bowel and intestines +colon. nervous system, (vata energy).+ Mercury strong = attractive and charming person+ Mercury weak/ debilitated/ combust /in dustana =prominent veins, lack charm and wit.+ Mercury and Virgo weak and afflicted= nervous breakdown, appendicitis, constipation etc..


Talkative, sense of justice,clarity, strong will power,optimism, highly sensitive Lower abdomen, lumbar region and bones, skin,kidneys, . Semen, Female organs & diseases, Ovaries,
Urinary, Female,+ Venus is weak and libra is afflicted = diabetes,venereal diseases, arthritis, gout pains, skin diseases,etc.+ Venus strong and well-placed = attractivepersonality

Conclusion - The disease was triggered in MD- Jupiter- AD jupiter,he went on macrobiotic diet and this set his recovery in AD of saturn. Saturn is lord of 11th and 12th ,11th signifying recovery from disease. incidently the nakshatra of jupiter is uttara phalguni and the lord is sun ,sun happens to be the sixth lord.Using Bhrigu saral padati of saptrishi astrology  find that rahu manifeats in natal position during 30 th year and rahu is conjunct saturn in fourth in the nakshatra of jupiter therefore the cancer is discovered. We find that at age 16 he had arthritis the dasha was Rahu,jupiter ,rahu is conjuct saturn in fourth house in sign gemini .

Gemini-Talkative, ambitious, imaginative Shoulders,upper arms and upper chest hands and their bones ,lungs,throat/ breath+ gemini afflicted by mal.+ weak mercury= mental/nervous problems; asc. in gem + mercury in 10 =headaches, congestion and respiratory diseases;Mercury in dushtana = weak constitution, weak nervous system, loss of assets, depression resulting in partial paralysis, stammering, disputes connected with property matters, movement to distant places

Saturn -skin,body movements Constant and painful diseases; leg fracture,cancer, diseases of glands,skin disease, paralysis,rheumatism, gout, consumption,flatulence.Aversion to eat or drink,pains or aches in the stomach/ indigestion/ nausea. pain in all parts of the body), hard to treat conditions like cancer, premature aging, deafness,failure of vision,emaciation, tremors, deformity and poor growth. vatta and kapha trouble,diseases in the legs,unforeseen dangers, laziness,weakness, due to overexertion,madness, loss of servants, loss of quadrupeds -death of wife and children accident/ deformity to one limb, blindness, deafness,mental worry, wounds caused by the fall of trees or stone sover the body, troubles from evil spirits, pisacas, etc.All types of joints,particularly knee cap and knee joints,arthritis, muscular pains, legs, and the bones tibia and fibula .Spleen, teeth, phlegm and secretive system.muscular system, Left ear (material sounds Grief 5=ether Boosted Energy obliquVayu +A bit pitta Limpinentities.

RAHU-S/W-When afflicted by mars or saturn it causes diseases of phlegm,intestines, boils, skin,ulcers, spleen, worms,high blood pressure,etc., Difficulties inbreathing, nervous disorders, including stress, insomnia, bad dreams, palpitations,tremors, insanity, and paralysis Extreme heat in the body,leprosy, many diseases coming together, poison given by another, diseases in the feet,trouble from pisachas, fear from serpents, danger from wife and children, quarrel with Kshatriyas and Brahmins, trouble from enemies, or from pretas (ghosts).Bad teeth, dental problems, commit suicidal mind,murderous acts,Maniac, excretory organs, genitals, feet,drugs and poisons,collective health problems like epidemics and plagues, poisons,pollution, radiation, mysterious and difficult to treat diseases Ego ObliquSnakes,creeping venom .