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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why Swati nakshatra is considered a very auspicious Nakshatra-

Why Swati nakshatra is considered a very auspicious nakshatra---- There is this story on planets arguing on most auspicious Nakshtras with planets keen on promoting and glorifying the qualities of their nakshtras shani was advocating swati nakshatra on being questioned by sun in presence of the almighty God Saturn related the story of chatak bird Even as the chatak bird always keeps his beak open, waiting for the first raindrop of swati nakshatra (one of the 27 constellations in a year) to fall into it, you must keep your heart forever open. Maybe the drops of God's grace will one day descend upon you.
“Legend has it that the arrival of the Chatak bird heralds the onset of the monsoon. Even in poetry it is referred to as the bird that eagerly waits to taste the first drops of the rain. So, its sighting near the outskirts of the city predicts the arrival of monsoon at an early date,” 

The chatak bird will not be satisfied with water found anywhere on this earth. But only a few drops of water from the blue cloud in the sky will satisfy him. There is so much water in the pond, the river, the ocean - he won't take one drop of it. That is the nature of the chatak.
"The blue cloud may punish him with a thunderbolt, but he never stops singing the glories of the cloud. This is chastity, this is surrender. This sloka shows us this in full. "I do not want anything else from anywhere; I want nothing but Your mercy. Please give it to me."
~Srila Bhakti Sundar 

 Swati natives also have a tendency to wait for a long time to witness the result of something they have planned or executed and this characteristic of Swati natives can sometimes become a negative quality as natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra can keep on waiting for something or some result for a very long period of time, even when there is no reasonable possibility of materialization of that thing or result. And since this nakshatra is more under the influence of air than any other element, so the natives under the strong influence of this nakshatra are also likely to have an inability to take decisions on time, inability to convert or put their ideas to practical work or execution even though their ideas may be very practical and can bring very good results if executed.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Understanding present day transits.

The current day transits are where the action is,starting with the sign Aries the first sign or head of kaal pursh its the sign of mental activity or as the sign is Aries more a mental war activity. Now Aries as of now houses Sun exalted and brilliant but worried ,the warrior sign mars should have given solace for mars being a brilliant  warrior is a good friend to have ,but as such Sun in Aries could not control his expression for he wanted to put on a pompous show to dazzle venus or shukra the daiteya guru who came visiting when his most illustrous and immortal disciple was in direct opposition in sign libra and with exalted but retrospecting (retrograde) shani in its most belligerent anti authority state of mind.

Rahu being in a balanced sign libra  has well thought of moves aided by patient and cold thinking Shani.. Shani feels its the time for retribution for the egocentric devas . Sun the prominent deva in his eagerness to show the radiance and brilliance to daiteya guru shukra  forgot about commander in chief and principle warrior mars being there with him as such he not only combusted shukra but mangal too ( mars) and  too add to his woes ketu or body of swaran bhanu was already present in the sign Aries when the sun decided to tenant it . Now Mars could have easily controlled the ketu for ketu is in awe of Mars,but being combust and incapacitated is not himself.  Similarly shukra the daiteya guru has been to impregnate the defenses by first sending ketu and then deciding to come himself is also incapacitated but to lesser extent for being Brahmin and owner of many vidyas he is in some what better position , Now the devraaj having fed his insecurity too much directs his forces in haste and  without too much of thought because devas in moment of triumph and ego forgot about devguru brihaspati or huper as such are without the sanguine advice of dev guru ,the dev guru is a guest in the abode of shukracharaya wherein he is kept away from all the action incidently happening in aries and libra being in abode of another brahmin and great mantrik the divine vision of Jupiter or dev guru is not working as all the action is in 6th and twelweth from his present tenancy. ,while the scheming and deceptive Rahu easily wins the mental war and we have devas running to the tridev and ultimately to Maha dev for a solution.

Effect  Mundance - We see lot of mental warfare between the nations for example  China ,India ,North korea , America ,Pakistaan India,Government of India's handling of coal gate scam etc.

According to legend, during the Samudra manthan, the asura Rahu drank some of the amrita (divine nectar). Sun and moon realized it and they alerted Mohini(the female avatar of Vishnu). Before the nectar could pass his throat, Mohini cut off his head. The head, however, remained immortal due to the effect of amritaand became Rahu. It is believed that this immortal head from time to time swallows the sun, causing eclipses. Then, the sun passes through the opening at the neck, ending the eclipse. The body also turned into Ketu due to a boon, and it in turn swallows the moon on timely basis to cause a lunar eclipse.
Astronomically, the Moon in its orbit, on a northerly course from South to North, crosses the ecliptic (the apparent path of Sun). This point of intersection is known as Rahu or "Dragon's head". 180 degrees away from this point, the Moon on its southerly course crosses the ecliptic. This point is called "the dragon’s tail" or Ketu.
Rahu is a legendary master of deception who signifies cheaters, pleasure seekers, operators in foreign lands, drug dealers, poison dealers, insincere & immoral acts, etc. It is the significator of an irreligious person, an outcast, harsh speech, falsehoods, uncleanliness, abdominal ulcers, bones, and transmigration. Rahu is instrumental in strengthening one's power and converting even an enemy into a friend.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Astrological Profile of rapist and murderer- Ted Bundy

                              Astrological Profile of rapist and murderer- Ted Bundy


There has been quite a public outrage against rapists in India and people are demanding more stringent laws and even the capital punishment. I feel that a rapist generally is a person who is lacks in some aspect physical, mental or emotional and when their deeply restrained weaknesses and complexes suddenly come to fore they do so in a very violent manner resulting in gory act of violence highly condemnable and detestable.
Let’s try to examine the astrological angle to such acts by examining a few charts belonging to convicted criminals.
Planet of action – Mars
Sign Scorpio- The eighth sign of natural zodiac.
Moon- The manas or mind and its sign cancer.
Saturn in emotional and stressed signs.
Cruel planets,sun,mars ,rahu and Saturn.
5Th house ,8th house and 12th house. 5th house for clouded judgment and Kidnap, rape, licentiousness
  6th house- Insanity, intense anguish,    8th for secret sex life,12th for bed pleasure and inactivity due to sickness or prison ,Sorrow and sin.
·         The relationship of Moon with cruel and malefic planets.
·         The relationship of third and sixth houses with Mars, Moon and ascendant lord.

According to the FBI website fbi.gov, Cancers are the most booked criminals and are the the most dangerous of zodiac signs. In descending order from Cancer for the number of crimes committed is Taurus; Sagittarius is the third on the list, then Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini.
Cancers are usually known for being mostly passion killers. They kill multiple times and they leave some kind of markings on their victims' bodies to distinguish themselves. This kind of killer is usually thought to be mentally unstable.
Sankhya Yogas 1–3 are named in order Gola yoga, Yuga yoga, and Sula yoga. These, the first three yogas, represent people of decidedly poor character and background. While a good many natives of the higher yogas are also capable of expressing unacceptable behavior, people of the lowest yogas do so in strikingly basic ways, and with truly remarkable consistency.
Nakshatras--  Ardra, Aslesa, Jyestha, and Mula are Dreadful  stars and are suitable for success in warfare, invocation of elementals and other spirits, imprisonment, separations, acts of destruction, and the breaking of alliances with superiors.
Bharani, Magha, Purvaphalguni, Purvasadha, and Purvabhadrapada are Fierce or cruel , constellations and are suitable for acts of evil, deceit, and conflict, destruction of enemies, incarceration, poisoning, arson, battle, setting fire, acts of destruction, ill-repute, and cruelty.

Ascendent lord moon in scorpio along with sun, mars mercury and ketu in 5th house-5th house for clouded judgment and Kidnap, rape, licentiousness.
The relationship of Moon with cruel and malefic planets- Here moon is debilated and conjunct ketu ,mars and sun opposite rahu placed in 11th.

Nakshatra- Jyestha- Nakshatras--  Ardra, AslesaJyestha, and Mula are Dreadful  stars and are suitable for success in warfare, invocation of elementals and other spirits, imprisonment, separations, acts of destruction, and the breaking of alliances with superiors.

Cancer ascendant- According to the FBI website fbi.gov, Cancers are the most booked criminals and are the the most dangerous of zodiac signs. In descending order from Cancer for the number of crimes committed is Taurus; Sagittarius is the third on the list, then Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini.
Cancers are usually known for being mostly passion killers. They kill multiple times and they leave some kind of markings on their victims' bodies to distinguish themselves. This kind of killer is usually thought to be mentally unstable.
Saturn in cancer and retrograde, gulika is also placed in cancer in the first house -If Gulika is in 1st House, the native will be afflicted by diseases, be lustful, sinful, crafty, wicked and very miserable. Saturn. Saturn here is in enemy’s camp of Moon and will make the native tall, of wheatish complexion, coupled with blackish tinge, Non religious, licentious, adulterous, pleasure seeking, plumpy, can be subjected to syphlis and veneral diseases. Limited comforts and average intelligence.
Cancer is an emotional and watery sign The struggle to achieve emotional security via limitation, constriction, scarcity, governance, rules.
Morally conventional.  Emotionally pinched.
Tends to be emotionally repressed, preferring to solve problems with emotional denial rather than fearful honesty.
Displaced emotions due to the mother's death or rejection by the primary caretaker: transfers affections to another source of security such as a religion, an ideology, or the national Homeland.
·   Believes that life is hard
Soola yoga--- Seven planets in three rashis --Sula Yoga denotes winners, intrepid and of little fear, always prompt and ready to agitate and battle. These people are adept at achieving fame through war or medicine, as toughened commandos or powerful healers. Sula means thorn, and the natives of this yoga are supposed to act as thorns in people’s sides. The more introverted natives can easily become accomplished killers.
Most Sula people have a knack for getting others into trouble and are often recognized as complete morons or idiots, largely thanks to their mix of innocence or power, misplaced trust or suspicion, and near total absence of education and even common sense. No great savvy or even a minimum of due diligence should be expected with this yoga.
Without contradictory indications, Sula people exude no warmth and exhibit no sense of tact. Most often they come across as crude or wicked. They are supposed to be quarrelsome, or at least short-tempered. At their best they express indignant remarks, and at their worst they are lovers of injustice. A few are warmongers and are justly rewarded with personal tickets to hell.
Sula natives know how to assert themselves. They have no inclination to pull any punches in a fight nor will they hesitate to kill if it suits their needs – and these are very needy people! The most introverted natives have the worst need of all: the need to be needed.
His mars and mercury are both combust, mars as lord of 10th and 5th and mercury as lord of 12th and 3rd a totally functional malefic and combust.
He committed his first murder in 1973 Md- Venus-Ad Jupiter-Pd -Mercury, it’s a rule that when the MD lord and Ad lord operate from same sign the effects are bad.
Ted bundy was convicted on 24/02/1979 in Md of venus- AD –Mercury and PD- Jupiter. Jupiter is lord of 6th as well as 9th house. Mercury is 12th lord venus is lord of 4th and 11th..Among the signification of 4th is a - Conditions at the end of life, one’s final illness; illness of friends, private affairs secrets and secret life.11th house signifies- Government, judge, honor from the government, seal of authority, so his secret life was subject to judgment in the Md of lord of these houses venus in the AD of mercury the12th lord of prisons and pd of 6th lord Jupiter.
His execution—Moon Md- Rahu Ad,moon-Pd Saturn  is lord of lagna and rahu operates from 11th as government order of his execution by electric chair. Ted Bundy was electrocuted on 1/24/1989,Saturn is lord of 7th and 8th.

American homicide; a man who killed women totally unknown to him, for no other reason that his desire to kill. Charismatic and boyishly handsome, he was an "All-American boy" type, always favored and successful with women. He fit the frightening profile of the serial killer, white, male, above average in intelligence, and adroit at wearing a mask of charm and sanity. They are men clever enough to avoid detection as they kill time and time again. Bundy wore the mask better than most, moving in better circles.
No one knows exactly when Bundy committed his first murder, though he claims that it was in May 1973. His pattern began in earnest in January 1974, just a month after he took his revenge on his coed girlfriend. He had several other girlfriends, Pandora, Carole Boone, and Liz Kendall, who later wrote a book about their relationship.
One of Bundy's ploys was that of wearing a cast. Woman after woman went to her death when a handsome, polite young man, arm in a cast, on crutches, asked if she would help carry his books to his car. His Volkswagen was in a secluded parking lot, only yards from the spot where he would pick up a girl, and his crowbar was lying beside it. The young woman would never be seen again. In all the Washington cases, so much time had elapsed before the bodies were discovered that nothing was found but bones. For 13 years, one of the many mysteries was an extra leg bone at one of his dump sites.
His final killings were done in a crude, careless, animal frenzy. On a cold winter night he entered a sorority house, where, in the darkness, he strangled and bludgeoned Margaret Bowman. Careened down the hall, he then killed Lisa Levy in another room and savagely attacked two other women, Karen Chandler and Kathy Kleiner, who survived. One of the murdered girls had been sodomized with a hair-spray bottle. There were deep bite marks on her left buttock and one nipple was nearly bitten off. The other girls had broken jaws, gashes and abrasions, with teeth knocked out in a frenzy that left blood splattered on the ceiling. Bundy was not through with his frenzy. He lurched down the street to find another woman to attack who survived when coeds overheard the attack. He killed his last victim, 12-year-old Kimberly Leach, a few weeks later. Her raped and mutilated body was found under a hog shed.
On 2/24/1979, Bundy was convicted of the murder of three women who had been strangled and beaten, plus the attempted murder of three others. He was suspected in as many as 39 murders and rapes across the country.
Given the death penalty after spending nearly ten years on death row, Bundy, ashen-faced, was taken to the death chamber in Starke, FL. His arms and legs were strapped against the shiny wooden chair. His head had been shaven and his skull glistened where an ointment had been applied to facilitate the work of the electrodes. For his last words, he said, "Jim and Fred, I'd like you to give my love to my family and friends." His lawyer and minister nodded assent. It was time. Ted Bundy was electrocuted on 1/24/1989, 7:06 AM EST. He was declared officially dead at 7:16 AM.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sub period interpretations with reference to placement.

Sub period interpretations with reference to placement.

The sub period of planet occupying the same sign ,gives unhappiness from spouse,progeny and servant. The efforts yield little results and one fights with own people.

The sub period of planet placed 2nd to the Dasha lord,gives good meal,beautiful clothes,scents,happiness from friends,spouse,progeny and relatives.

The sub period of planet 3rd from dasha lord gives wealth and power through the king.The native enjoys fun and food with friends.

The sub period of planet in 4th from dasha lord gives happiness through spouse,progeny ,wealth and comfort. There is a all around prosperity.

The sub period of planet placed in 5th from dasha lord gives happiness from children. A benific planet as a sub-lord increases happiness through children while a malefic does the opposite .

But saravali- says sub-period of planet placed in 4th,5th or 9th from main lord whether benific or malefic gives good and auspicious results.

The sub period of planet 6th from  dasha lord if malefic gives agony,debt and physical ailments while a benefic occupying own sign or exaltation sign gives good results.

A malefic planet 7th from dasha lord destroys wealth and happiness from wife ,friends and progeny.
A debilated planet 7th to dasha lord as sub period lord causes death or separation from spouse.

The sub period of a benific in 8th from dasha lord gives good results like legacy  but in the end it gives hurdles and obstructions. A malefic will give malefic results.

The sub period of malefic  planet placed in 9th from dasha lord gives bad results, a benific gives happiness through religion ,marriage in the house and by receiving gifts.

The sub period of planet 10 th from dasha lord if malefic gives loss in business ,problem in profession and ill fame ,while a benific gives honor and fame.

The sub period of a planet placed in 11th from dasha lord  gives wealth through progeny and friends,power and prestige ,pleasure and prosperity.

The sub period of a malefic placed 12th from dasha lord if malefic  gives expenditure ,loss of wealth.power and prestige . A benific here gives prosperity,pleasure ,luxury goods etc.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dirk Benedicts fight to recovery from prostate cancer- An astrological angle

Dirk Benedict (from an English tv guide)

When Dirk Benedict of TV's "The A-Team." was told he had cancer of the prostate, he refused traditional treatment and set out to cure himself with a strict macrobiotic diet. A year later he was given a clean bill of health.

Dirk Benedict was only 30 when he was told he had cancer of the prostate gland. The year was 1975 and the hunky American, star of television's The A-Team was then a moderately successful actor with only one real ambition: to live a full and happy three-score-years-and-ten. Longer, if possible.
Faced with serious and possibly incurable illness, he made an unusual and, some might say, crazy decision. He would tackle the killer disease without surgery or drugs, but with diet.

Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system. Most prostate cancers are slow growing;[1] however, there are cases of aggressive prostate cancers.[2] The cancer cells may metastasize(spread) from the prostate to other parts of the body, particularly the bones and lymph nodes. Prostate cancer may cause pain, difficulty in urinating, problems during sexual intercourse, or erectile dysfunction. Other symptoms can potentially develop during later stages of the disease.

Astrology of cancerCancer the dreaded killer disease,what causes it ?which planetary combinations are responsible?  

Common elements present in cancer patient charts . 

Conjunction/aspect  of Sat /mars with moon or  venus. 
Saturn and mars aspect or vice versa 
Malefic lord of 6th in ,6th,8th 10th or 12th. 
Lord of 6th in 6th ,8th 1oth and 12th. 
Jupiters aspect on waning moon . 
Moon and venus aspect  on each other. 
Aspect of Saturn/mars  on moon or venus. 
Venus or moon in Rahu ,ketu axis aspected by saturn ,mars or jupiter. 
I found that venus played a significant role in most charts. 
Maha dasha or antar of Rahu .
Another factor was that  in most of charts you had two or more of above listed combinations so no single combination is responsible for the dreaded disease. 

Since prostate is an organ of stomach Jupiter and venus as a planets signify the abdomen area.
Sign virgo represents bowels and entrails and is natural disease significator of natural zodiac. Pisces is 12th sign of natural zodiac indicating hospitalization etc.

Sun as lord of sixth is conjunct seventh lord mercury in 12th house ,mercury is combust ,mercury is a significator of immunity ,here immunity is badly affected .. Aspect of retrograde saturn ( from previous house) on sun+ mer conjunction completes the picture of chronic disease. venus the 8th lord is under the aspect of mars . Saturn aspects the ascendant also, Ascendent lord jupiter is conjunct ,fifth lord moon in 7th indicating the lower abdomen in sign virgo ,the sign that signifies the bowels and entrails. Mercury also stands for endocrine system as prostate cancer usually happens due to excessive harmonal production,mercury as significator is combust and conjunct lord of sixth . Mercury is badhaka for this chart ( obstructor) Jupiter being ascendent lord in virgo inpredominatly kapha sign ( One of tridoshas of Ayurved) with kapha planet moon and jupiter being a vata planet on account of its ownership of ether element expands the significations of kapha here. Jupiter being retrograde aspects sixth lord sun+ mer in the 12th house from the 6th house trigerring the disease in its MD - AD period. In navamsa jupiter is debilated retrograde and conjuct  retrograde saturn the 6th lord of navamsa in 6th .

Qualities of Kapha: Heavy, slow, steady, solid, cold, soft, oily

Physical Characteristics: Kapha types have a strong build and excellent stamina. Large, soft eyes; smooth, radiant skin; and thick hair are also important Kapha characteristics. Those who are predominantly Kapha sleep soundly and have regular digestion. But when Kapha builds to excess, weight gain, fluid retention, and allergies manifest in the body. When they’re out of balance, Kapha types may become overweight, sleep excessively, and suffer from asthma, diabetes, and depression.

In navamsa moon is in earth sign signifying a kapha personality, the navamsa sign rising is leo the sixth sign of D1, Retrograde saturn and jupiter are conjunct in sign capricon lorded by saturn the sixth lord.The prostate cancer was trig erred in the Maha dasha ana AD of Jupiter . Jupiter is in uttar phalguni nakshatra it indicates 

12 Uttara phalguni  fire Indyartha +Thursday  =dagdha Lord- Sun ,Tri dosha -Vata Left Hand Navel Skin disease. Intestinal disorder, tumor in bowels, liver,stomach disorder, swelling neck, left-hand, sore throat,blood pressure/palpitations, blood clotting in head =craziness. pada 1 = Spotted fever, plague, pains in theback and head, hyperemia, blood pressure, fainting,backache, temporary madness caused by clotting of blood in brain capillaries, palpitation. pada 2 = bad health. Pada 2 3 and 4 = Human Body: Intestines, bowels,liver. Diseases: Fainting, palpitation, stomach disorder,swelling in neck, tumors in the bowels, sore throat.Deep sense of loneliness is there is no good relationships, desiring to control authors with mystic practices/ tantra/ magic etc..tendency to be over giving then
feel the ingratitude.
Significations of Jupiter---
Jupiter jaundice, diabetes and other diseases of liver,anemia, diseases of pancreas glands and gall bladder, flatulence,ematiation, hormonal imbalance, etc.Inability to think or remember.disease in the stomach, fever,sorrow, fainting, ear diseases due to the fury of kapha dosha ;diabetes, diseases caused by the curses of Brahrnins and by the removal of treasure usually found in temples, and diseases by the anger of serpents.Fat, kidney, liver,tongue, right ear,higher mental plane/brain,diabetes.rules liver, arterial system,hearing power, absorptive power, hips/ thighs, fats and blood. speech Intellect =humble,Forgive straighKapha+A bit pitta Walkinentities

Signs virgo and libra-


Power of discrimination/analysis.Waist, abdominal umbilical region, bowel and intestines +colon. nervous system, (vata energy).+ Mercury strong = attractive and charming person+ Mercury weak/ debilitated/ combust /in dustana =prominent veins, lack charm and wit.+ Mercury and Virgo weak and afflicted= nervous breakdown, appendicitis, constipation etc..


Talkative, sense of justice,clarity, strong will power,optimism, highly sensitive Lower abdomen, lumbar region and bones, skin,kidneys, . Semen, Female organs & diseases, Ovaries,
Urinary, Female,+ Venus is weak and libra is afflicted = diabetes,venereal diseases, arthritis, gout pains, skin diseases,etc.+ Venus strong and well-placed = attractivepersonality

Conclusion - The disease was triggered in MD- Jupiter- AD jupiter,he went on macrobiotic diet and this set his recovery in AD of saturn. Saturn is lord of 11th and 12th ,11th signifying recovery from disease. incidently the nakshatra of jupiter is uttara phalguni and the lord is sun ,sun happens to be the sixth lord.Using Bhrigu saral padati of saptrishi astrology  find that rahu manifeats in natal position during 30 th year and rahu is conjunct saturn in fourth in the nakshatra of jupiter therefore the cancer is discovered. We find that at age 16 he had arthritis the dasha was Rahu,jupiter ,rahu is conjuct saturn in fourth house in sign gemini .

Gemini-Talkative, ambitious, imaginative Shoulders,upper arms and upper chest hands and their bones ,lungs,throat/ breath+ gemini afflicted by mal.+ weak mercury= mental/nervous problems; asc. in gem + mercury in 10 =headaches, congestion and respiratory diseases;Mercury in dushtana = weak constitution, weak nervous system, loss of assets, depression resulting in partial paralysis, stammering, disputes connected with property matters, movement to distant places

Saturn -skin,body movements Constant and painful diseases; leg fracture,cancer, diseases of glands,skin disease, paralysis,rheumatism, gout, consumption,flatulence.Aversion to eat or drink,pains or aches in the stomach/ indigestion/ nausea. pain in all parts of the body), hard to treat conditions like cancer, premature aging, deafness,failure of vision,emaciation, tremors, deformity and poor growth. vatta and kapha trouble,diseases in the legs,unforeseen dangers, laziness,weakness, due to overexertion,madness, loss of servants, loss of quadrupeds -death of wife and children accident/ deformity to one limb, blindness, deafness,mental worry, wounds caused by the fall of trees or stone sover the body, troubles from evil spirits, pisacas, etc.All types of joints,particularly knee cap and knee joints,arthritis, muscular pains, legs, and the bones tibia and fibula .Spleen, teeth, phlegm and secretive system.muscular system, Left ear (material sounds Grief 5=ether Boosted Energy obliquVayu +A bit pitta Limpinentities.

RAHU-S/W-When afflicted by mars or saturn it causes diseases of phlegm,intestines, boils, skin,ulcers, spleen, worms,high blood pressure,etc., Difficulties inbreathing, nervous disorders, including stress, insomnia, bad dreams, palpitations,tremors, insanity, and paralysis Extreme heat in the body,leprosy, many diseases coming together, poison given by another, diseases in the feet,trouble from pisachas, fear from serpents, danger from wife and children, quarrel with Kshatriyas and Brahmins, trouble from enemies, or from pretas (ghosts).Bad teeth, dental problems, commit suicidal mind,murderous acts,Maniac, excretory organs, genitals, feet,drugs and poisons,collective health problems like epidemics and plagues, poisons,pollution, radiation, mysterious and difficult to treat diseases Ego ObliquSnakes,creeping venom .

Sun in 12 bhavas ( interpetation as per placement in house 1-12)

Cheerful sun in the sunglasses with refreshing cocktail - stock vector

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