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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cataract surgery and astrology.

Astrology of Cataract.

Definition of Cataract (Linganaasha)

In simple terms, cataract or linganaasha is the cloudiness of the lens of the eye. The eye lens is an internal elastic part of the eye which is the most vital component for the reception of normal vision. It is perfectly transparent to allow the light rays to pass through it. But as the age of a person advances, the eye lens may lose its transparency and become opaque. This condition is called as cataract.

Causes of Cataract (Linganaasha)
According to Ayurveda, linganaasha is a vata dosha disorder. Vata dosha is related with the air element. Hence, an exacerbation in the vata dosha will lead to drying up. When the vata dosha in the body is vitiated, the eye lens loses its moisture and suppleness. Due to this, the eye lens becomes opaque, leading to a cataract.
The various clinical causes for the development of cataract are as follows:-
Advancing age – The most common cause of all cataracts is advancing age. As the age of the person advances, the eye lens becomes opaque and cloudy. Also, with growing age, there is a change in the proportions of the proteins in the eye lens. This leads to senile cataracts.
Physical damage to the eye – Sometimes foreign bodies entering the eye can cause too much damage to the eye lens capsule. This can cause a type of cataract called as traumatic cataract. This cataract is seen mostly in people whose occupation may entail hazards to the eyes, such as welders and people working in glass furnaces.
Other diseases – Some diseases like diabetes mellitus can cause cataracts in the long run. People with emphysema and asthma can also develop cataract. However this cataract is due to the prolonged steroid medication that these people have to use, and not the disease itself.
Congenital cataracts – If the mother had German measles during pregnancy, then there is a chance that the baby born will have cataract at birth.
Medications for the eye – Several medicines for the eye, in the form of eye drops especially, can cause cataracts in the eye in the long run.
Smoking – Smoking really does cloud the eyes, as the common proverb goes. Too much smoking can lead to opacity of the eye lens, causing cataract.
Astrological indicators;
Signs,Taurus and pisces.
Planet sun as karaka of eye sight.
Planet venus for cataract disease.
Vata  planets trigger cataract – Saturn or rahu
Vata planets in the airy signs.

According to Ayurvedalinganaasha is a vata dosha disorder. Vata dosha is related with the air element. Hence, an exacerbation in the vata dosha will lead to drying up. When the vata dosha in the body is vitiated, the eye lens loses its moisture and suppleness. Due to this, the eye lens becomes opaque, leading to a cataract.

Venus the karaka of cataract is debilated and vargottam ,aspected by Saturn in D1 and conjunct Saturn in D9, Mars as lord of 2nd house signifying right eye aspects the Venus ,Rahu is in air sign in D1,With moon in maran karka sthaan,lord of sixth sun conjunct mercury( combust) mercury is also suffering from Kendra adhipati dosha and badhaka for pisces lagna its also aspected by retrograde mars from previous house. Dasha operating at the time of her cataract operation Saturn-saturn-Venus in 2009 when she got her right eye operated, notice that she is under sadesati and dasha operating is Saturn so she developed complications again in 2011. Saturn - mercury.