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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Panchak (The Inauspicious Period To Pass On In)

Panchak (The Inauspicious Period To Pass On In) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Narottam Das   
Panchak (The Inauspicious Period To Pass On In)

In Hinduism religion death is not treated as the end of life rather it is treated as a moment when the ‘Atma’ or ‘soul’ after leaving the present body will starts its journey either for reincarnation in some new form or for ‘Moksha’ (final emancipation).

Panchak dates are based upon astrological calculations so when a person passes on the first thing that you should check is what time the deceased passed on. Panchak is a very bad time for a person to die in. Panchak is a combination of 5 Nakshatras (asterisms/stars) viz. (Dhanishtaa, Shatabhisha, Poorva Bhaadrapada, Uttara Bhaadrapada and Revati). The Garuda Purana II. 4 180 states “Cremations are harmless in this period if the Vedic injunctions are strictly observed”.

For example on the 4th December 2008 @ 08h39 Panchak starts and ends on the 8th December 2008 @ 22h45. If a person dies within this time then the pundit/priest has to perform a Panchak Shanti puja which takes like a few minutes to perform in the antechamber of the crematorium. Please, please make sure that the priest performs this prayer. I am not going to scare you but if this prayer is not performed then many lives (generally) 5 lives will be lost within the family within that one year... many Hindu's take Panchak lightly and when problems arise then the family is put through so much of hardship when it could have been avoided... if the deceased died on Panchak then on the funeral day please INSIST on the Panchak Shanti puja if the priest doesn't want to perform it. You rather delay the funeral then having problems later on... those that know me know I don't like to scare people but in these cases I am dead (no pun intended) serious. Don't mess the with the dead.

With regards to Panchak there are specific instructions given in our scriptures esp the Garuda Purana (Preta Khand Chapter 10) that are to be performed upon the dead body just before cremation. Five Putale's (forms) made from Kusha grass are to be placed, accompanied by Mantras chanted by the presiding Pundit, the first on the head, the second and third one on each side of the stomach, the fourth on the navel and the fifth and last one between the feet of the deceased. Then the Claimant offers 5 offerings of ghee into the fire for the 5 Nakshatras to appease them.



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