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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rahu and saturn in 8th house

Shani / Rahu
Saturn/ Rahu in 8th

Rahu and Saturn together in house number 8 where the things are hidden and events sudden is a potent combination as it provides for lots of confusion and haze, Rahu operates on the mental plane, while the miseries that Saturn inflicts are both on physical and mental levels.Saturn represents the practical thinking approach in normal conditions, in the house of hidden things, occult, cremation ground, longevity, anxiety, insult, humiliation, secrecy, Saturn here loses the gift of practical approach here Rahu magnifies the mysterious nature of the house and it makes the practicality of Saturn quite subdued and defunct.The person may also have a bad experience as related to occult .lt.Lal kitaab mentions this combination ( saturn+Rahu) as mani on the head of the snake.Some people mention it as shraapit dosh or the curse carried forward. The remedy by far would be to worship Shiva and Shakti both, Shiva because there is mention of the deity of Saturn as Rudra and for Rahu, we all know that diety is Durga Ji. Rahu is restless and ever inquisitive it wants to explore and unravel Saturn is resistive and orthodox it sticks to the traditions so the conflict in thought process is ever evident in such natives. The destiny is the carry forward of past may it be the debit or credit balance.As regards remedies the name of the all-prevailing lord can help you keep the equilibrium of life in better shape, after all its al mind, if your mind and thinking are less clouded you fare much better in tough times.