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Friday, January 5, 2018

Surgery rules as taken from Encyclopedia of medical astrology

Surgery rules as taken from Encyclopedia of medical astrology By HL Cornell MD. 
Surgery rules.
Operation rules in astrology.

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Rules for Operations, as taken from the Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology, byH.L. Cornell, M.D.
Statistics show that operations are more successfully performed when the Moon is increasing in light, between the New & Full Moon, and heal more quickly, and are less liable to complications than when the Moon is past the full and decreasing. Note the following Rules -
(1) Operate on the increase of the Moon if possible.
(2) Do not operate at the exact time of the Full Moon, as the fluids are running high at this time.
(3) Never operate when the Moon is in the same sign as at birth.
(4) Never operate upon that part of the body ruled by the sign thru which the Moon is passing at the time, but wait a day or two until the Moon passes into the next sign below, and especially if the Moon be in conjunction, square or opposition Neptune, Uranus, Saturn or Mars at the time. This rule should be especially followed in major operations. Ptolemy says, "Pierce not with iron that part of the body which may be governed by the sign actually occupied by the Moon."
(5) Do not operate when the Moon is applying closely to the square or opposition the Sun, Saturn or Mars.
(6) Let the Moon be increasing in light, and in sextile or trine Jupiter or Venus and not afflicted by Mars.
(7) Let the Moon be in a fixed sign, but not in the sign ruling the part to be operated upon, and such sign of the Moon also not on the ascendant.
(8) Do not operate when the Moon is applying to any aspect of Mars, as such tends to danger of inflammation & complications after the operation.
(9) Avoid operations when the Sun is in the sign ruling the part upon which the operation is to be performed.
(10) Never operate when the Moon is combust, or within 17 degrees of the Sun, and with the Moon opposite Mars at the same time.
(11) The Moon should be free from all manner of an impediment.
(12) Jupiter, Venus, and the ruler of the ascendant should be in the ascendant or in the M.C., if possible, and free of Mars affliction.
(13) Fortify the Sign ruling the part of the body to be operated upon.
(14) A Mars hour is evil for surgical operations.
(15) Do not cut a nerve when Mercury is afflicted.
The above from page 609
Immediately preceding the above, Cornell warns (pg 608-9):
Undesirable Elemental Spirits are often present at Operations to absorb the life force from the blood of the patient, introduce astral infections, and prevent recovery. Every operation should be preceded with the prayer to prevent the presence of Elementals, and to place an Aura of Protection about the patient.
and, a paragraph later: Operations Dangerous - Performed when the Sun is in the 12th house, in conjunction Saturn or South Node, and Mars afflicted in the6th House at the same time. It’s also known that a prominent Neptune may lead to complications through Anesthesia & that Jupiter in hard aspect to the Moon can cause too much bleeding.