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Friday, January 5, 2018

Miscarriage in Astrology.

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Rules from celebrated classic -Santana Deepika
In, Vishnu Mohan wrote:

 Rules from celebrated classic -Santana Deepika

 Miscarriage( Garbha-Sravam)
 1.When the 7th lord is combust with Sun and Putrakaraka is in Neecha Rasi
    Note- Importance of 7th lord.

 2. When Moon is in 10th house, Jupiter is in 7th house and 5th lord is weak, there
 will be Miscarriage.
 3 .For Mesha lagna native,5th lord Sun in 12th house of Pisces and if the 5th
    house countains Moon and Gulika ,there will be Miscarriage
    Note- Moon is probably a malefic here.

 4.For Gemini lagna native,if Venus is in 5th house in combustion or with a
 malefic and also if (Venus) is conjoined or aspected by Jupiter there will be

 5.For Leo lagna native,If 5th house has Saturn and also If Jupiter is in
    6th(Gemini) to the Saturn and if that lord( Dispositor of Gemini-Jupiter) is in
   12th house there will be Miscarriage.
    Note- Note the concept of Jupiter hiding in 6th house from Putrasthana(5th) and
    its dispositor going to 12th .

6.For Virgo lagna native, If 5th house has Jupiter (Capricorn), and 5th to
  Jupiter has moon,and 5th to moon there is mars,there will be "Rakta Sravam"(
  Blood loss-Miscarriage?)
  Note-Moon is a probably a malefic here.Note the trikona sambhanda taken here
 7. If Mars along with either of Venus or Saturn and is posited in 7th to Thula
    lagna(Aries),there will be Miscarriage due to Rakta Sravam definetely.
    Note- 7th house is considered.

 8.If Moon is (Conjoined or aspected) by Rahu is in 5th to Scorpio or Sagittarius
    there will be Miscarriage.
   Note- Moon may be a malefic here.It is confirmed from this point that this text
   recognises aspects for Rahu.

9.If Mercury is (conjoined with or aspected by) Satru Graha and is posited in
   the 5th to Capricorn or Aquarius and Jupiter is in either of 6,8 or 12 house
  ,there will be Miscarriage.
 10.For Meena lagna native,if 5th house has Sun, and 5th to Sun if moon is
     posited and if 7th lord is weak,there will be Miscarriage.
     Note- Again Moon may be a malefic here.Sambhanda of Sun and Moon(malefic?) is
     treated as inauspicious

 11.If 5th lord is in 7th and 7th lord is in 8th,there will be Miscarriage (with
      skin ?)

12.If 5th lord is in 12th and 12th lord is in 5th and Jupiter is conjoined with
    a enemy planet there will be Miscarriage.
    Note- One of the results for Exchange of 5th and 12 th lord provided Jupiter is
   with enemy planet.

13.If Moon is conjoined with or aspected by Sun and (moon) is in 5th or 9th

     house and Jupiter is in Neecha rasi,there will be Miscarriage.
     Note- Probably Moon is a malefic.

 14.If Sun is in Neecha Rasi( Libra) and (conjoined or aspected by )either of
     5th lord or Jupiter