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Thursday, October 26, 2017

In response to a Facebook post on Freewill as quoted post of self-styled Sadguru.

Barry Rosen on facebook

Found this quote from Sadhguru on the web about predictions and astrology:

"Anyway, the choice is this: either you try to live your life by predictions or you have the capability to make a plan and fulfill the plan. All those minds which are incapable of a plan will look for a prediction. The stars that you see in the sky are far away, so very far away that they have nothing to do with you. Just one star has a big influence on you – the Sun. And its satellite, the Moon, also has some influence upon you. This planet has an even greater influence upon you. But above all, what is within you has the biggest influence upon you. All those who are incapable of committing themselves to a plan and fulfilling it, want a prediction. The advantage with predictions is, you can keep changing them. But if a plan has to work, you have to pay enormous attention in creating one. Then you have to stick to it.
I only hope all predictions go wrong for you. Then it means your life is happening wonderfully. Otherwise, you are going by the script that was written by some fool. In India, for twenty-five rupees, or fifty cents, they will write your life. Let your life not be so bad. It does not matter what the hell happens, let something other than the prediction happen to you. Is that okay? May your predictions and dreams not come true. Because a prediction is just a compromised dream.

My Two cents-

I presume that the sadguru as he calls himself is presumably someone who calls himself by this name just to put across the message that he is an enlightened soul.These clever sermonizers in saffron robes keep changing their stance to suit the audience they are addressing. Freewill or will is the limited sphere that is different for every individual and it depends on the time, circumstances, effort, and opportunity. Bhagvad Gita teaches that to make the constant effort is what we should do but the outcome is not in our control. If the kaal or time is in favor then the fruits of labor may be good but if the time is not conducive the result may be a failure. I believe that the destiny allows you more leverage towards success when the destiny favors you. There are numerous examples quoted and stories that support the planning and execution part, remember the story of the king and the spider, well the often defeated king had planned, plotted and executed earlier also and failed because the time was just not in his favor. But once his time changed he could draw inspiration from a mere spider to regather his spirits and resources one last time that probably was the time when his stars and destiny stood up as support for him to reclaim the lost kingdom, pride, and glory. These scoundrels with saffron robes live lavishly and maintain a business on use of cleverly executed words that often rebutt the belief on which they have raised the foundation of their enterprise. But then again the very fact that they are in limelight rests on the fact their time is good and even their foolishness is purchased as philosophical discourses on how to lead a good life. Remember the Demigods of India, who are either behind the bars or were in trouble with the law due to their nefarious activities, until the time was supporting them they lived as demi-Gods above everything once the destiny played its trump card they landed where they rightfully belonged. So when their time was adverse all the planning, plotting and execution just did not work.