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Monday, April 3, 2017

Sixth house and planets in medical astrology

Sixth house and likely diseases.

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6th house represents intestine,bowels,liver ,pancreas in fact it represents most of the stomach area.

Sun- Afflicted sun in 6th house causes quinsy,bronchitis ,asthma,diphtheria,gravel,heart trouble,nervous disorders. If afflicted in common signs the native develops incurable diseases.In cardinal signs the native develops functional derangement's such as nervousness or rheumatism or gets some permanent injury.

Moon- Afflicted moon in common signs gravel ,in fixed signs nervousness and stomach trouble ,in cardinal signs indigestion ,toothache ,headache .
If moon is afflicted by mercury or Venus  skin diseases,if by Mars inflammatory complaints,if by Jupiter  liver and blood disorganization,if afflicted by Saturn  chronic diseases .
If afflicted by sun psychic condition leading to loss of strength and indisposition .
In feminine signs  moon causes bronchial asthma. In masculine signs its good for doctors.

Mars controls the tastes therefore by overeating impairs his health,carelessness,extravagance and accidents are also possible.
Afflicted mars causes inflammations or injury to the body part indicated by sign occupied.
If mars is in fixed signs it causes organic diseases like complaints in bowels ,diphtheria,nervous disorders ,gravel and heart troubles.
In common signs it brings chronic diseases such as asthma,liver complaints etc.
In cardinal signs rheumatism ,nervousness,weak chest ,muscular system,permanent injury and functional derangement's .
If Saturn is adverse danger through injuries ,surgery or through animals and rheumatic fevers.

Mercury in Aries or Scorpio  the native may suffer from leprosy if associated with Saturn. With rahu or ketu ,from dysentery ,dyspepsia or gripe.
In masculine signs its favorable ,in feminine signs can give adverse results.

Jupiter if afflicted  nose trouble and fever in 6th and 12th year.Afflicted Jupiter in 6th  gives ailments due to food habits problem in chest area,bowels,liver,blood and digestive system.
Chronic ailments if its debilitated or in sat urns other sign and with Rahu.
In 6th Jupiter- the native can suffer from diabetes urinary complaints,hernia or enlargement of liver.

Afflicted Venus in 6th the native may suffer from kidney,diseases of internal generative parts,ovarian trouble ,impotency .

Saturn-If in weak or inimical signs can deny a progeny .
Many ailments like accidents,injuries,trouble from animals ,surgery,indigestion ,circulatory problems debility.
Of fire signs it indicates rheumatism
Of  earth signs heart trouble
OF water signs urinary troubles.

Rahu if afflicted nervous trouble,stomach problems ,un diagnosed or chronic ailments ,danger from poisons and explosions.

Ketu trouble through injuries accidents or insects and worms.