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Monday, March 20, 2017

Medical astrology and role of planets.

Planets in medical astrology

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If the Sun is malefic it will make the ' native fall Sick due to fever. Headache. Eye trouble. Periodic fever. Typhoid. Malaria , Such a person does not tolerate milk and milk products. The Sun and Mars cause (fainting, vertigo. Shooting pain in the back in legs. Disorders in the chest region
And  liver. Head and face, blood and eyes. Burning, scalding cutting accident for surgery. Bleeding. disorder  causing weakness of brain and anemia . They also cause disorders  of the hones. Plague. Swelling. boils. Smallpox. measles piles liver trouble.
The Sun and Rahu or the Sun and Ketu cause disease. If the Sun and Saturn is unfavorable, illness can affect us easily.
lf the Moon is weak, the subject  will have no thinking power. Therefore there is much confusion in daily life. In Conjunction with other planets it causes such illness as insanity inability, epilepsy, fits, possession etc.
Unfavorable mercury causes abuse of medicines unnecessary medication troubles following. Injection. Injecting the person poisons or wrong medicines by mistake. Causing illness , bite by poisonous animals. Injury by explosives, lightning. Electrocution . and also all disorder of the brain .ruck. throat. scrofula. mumps. weakness or nerves, Aching of The head. Mental disorders. Constipation. Indigestion and dyspepsia.
An unfavorable Jupiter causes disorders connected with phlegm. Liver trouble. Obstruction  to blood circulation. Blood collection. teeth trouble, boils. diabetes. jaundice. dropsy, spleen enlargement .
An unfavorable Venus causes gall stones. Diarrhea, stones in kidney and bladder, hernia. Hydrocele. Disorders of kidneys, impotence. sterility in women. electric shocks, leukemia
All unfavorable Saturn causes. the following disorders Because of connection with  the intestines, skin. And nervous system , arthritis skin disorders. paralysis. Nervousness, Stomach disorders. Chronic undiagnosed. Debilating illness, Cough plague. TB. cold. gangrene.
atrophy, tooth ache. Indigestion constipation .continuous pain.
Blood disorder  and consequent itching. Asthma such people
cannot tolerate oily. spicy food.
Rahu and Ketu are  not directly  connected with the body,But affect the mind. Rahu and mars cause small pox and Urinary disorders. Venus and mars cause sex disorders. SaturnAnd Moon cause cough. asthma and arthritis.

In horoscopes in which the Sun and Mars in transit aspect house through   gochar conj unction and opposition with Saturn the period will be troublesome for health. Similarly if the Moon venus-Mercury are weak and in the 8th or 7th inimical houses these are planets which cause great trouble to health,If in the horoscope the Mars, Venus and Saturn are causing illness. in such cases TB is possible. Whatever  the age of the native. such people should  take great care during the danger periods.