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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Does the horoscope belong to one living or dead an easy astrological formula .

Horoscope of dead or alive native .

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Does the horoscope belong to one living or dead.

Natal lagna sign+prashna lagna sign+Sign of 8th house ( natal)

Mulitply the derived total by the sign number of 8th lord.

Divide by number sign of lagna lord ( natal)
If the remainder be even then it belongs to dead person.


Prashna lagna sign Libra- Prashna made at 11.01Pm.for 5/3/2017

Natal chart lagna sign is libra 7+ prashna lagna 7+8th natal sign 2= 16 x 5( sign occupied by eighth lord)  Total is 80 Divide by sign occupied by venus,venus is lord of ascendent  its in leo so divide by 5.  80/5=Remainder is 0 . There fore the horoscope belongs to the dead person here the horoscope is of Robin williams.