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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Seventh house effects in Vedic astrology

Seventh house combinations

Planets placements, aspects and combinations 7th house
1. If benefics are in 7th bhava, the life partner will be devoted and
2. If malefics are in 7th bhava, there would be problems in married
3. If owner of 5th house is in 7th bhava and owner of 7th bhava is in
5th house (exchange of houses) by the owners it indicates love
4. If Saturn and Mars are aspected by Venus from 7th bhava then
husband and wife both will be adulterous and deceptive.
5. If debilitated Jupiter is in the 7th bhava, the person will not be
happy with his wife.
6. If Owner of 7th bhava is in 6th house and Venus is weak, the
wife will have health problems.
7. If owner of 7th bhava with Mars is situated in 7th house, the wife
may keep ill health.
8. lfSun is in lagna (1st house) and Saturn in 7th bhava, his wife
will have difficulty in conceiving.
9. If Sun and Saturn are in 6th house, Moon in 7th bhava, and
Mercury in 1 st house, the wife will not be able to give birth to a
10. If Saturn is in 4th house and Mars in 6th house, his wife may be
without progeny.
11. If Saturn is in lagna (1st house), Venus in 7th bhava and malefics
in 5th house, it will be difficult for birth of a child.
12. If Saturn with Mars aspects Venus with Moon in any house, the
person will not marry.
13. If Rahu occupies 7th bhava and is aspected by Saturn and Mars,
the person may remain unmarried.
14. If Saturn and Moon are in 7th bhava, person may marry a divorcee.
15. If Saturn and Moon are in 7th bhava and Venus is in Lagna, the
person may marry a widow.
Chapter 6 - Third Trine Prakrati Trine (Kama Houses) 177
16. If Lagnesh is in Lagna and owner of 8th house is either in Lagna
or in 7th bhava, the person may marry second time.
17. If Lagnesh and owner of 2nd house are in 6th house and malefics
in 7th bhava, the person marry second time.
18. If Mars is placed in one of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses,
the marriage of the person may be delayed. It is called Mangleek
19. If Venus is in 7th bhava in signs excluding Taurus, Libra, and
Pieces, his married life may be troublesome.
20. If a malefic is located in 7th bhava and owner of 7th bhava and
karak Venus or Jupiter is in 6, 8, 12 houses, his/her family life
will be miserable. Actress Rekha is an example.
21. The planets Sun, Saturn, Rahu, owner of 12th house or owner
of the sign, where Rahu is situated, have separatists' tendencies.
If two of these planets aspect 7th bhava or owner of 7th bhava
and the significator (Venus for male and Jupiter for female)
husband and wife may take divorce and live separately.
22. If owner of 7th bhava and Mars are in 12th house, the person will
be very sexy. His I her married life will suffer.
23. If owner of 7th bhava is in 12th house and owner of 12th house
is in 7th bhava i.e. exchange of houses, the person will be
extraordinary sensual.
24. If Mars aspects 7th bhava, owner of 7th bhava and karak Venus
I Jupiter he/she will be more indulgent in physical relations.

Four Trines in
Vedic Astrology
(A comprehensive Book on Vedic Astrology)
By Lakshmj Narayan Sharma