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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Twin births and classics of astrology.

Twin birth astrology .
Astrology of twin births

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Chapter 4,Stanza-14 Brihat jataka- If moon and venus are in even signs and Mercury,mars ,jupiter and Lagna in odd signs,Twins are born of whom one is Male other Female.

Lagna and moon in even houses aspected by male planets Produce the same effect.

Powerful Mercury,Mars,Jupiter are in even signs .

If planets and lagna are in common amsas aspected by mercury in own amsa three children are born,ofwhic two will be of sex of amsa occupied by Mercury and other of opposite sex.

If lagna is in dhanus or falls in that amsaIf all the  planets are powerful and  occupy that amsa and are aspected by Saturn and Mercury it indicates birth of many children.

(The planets can be in any rashis but in Navamsa of Sagittarius)

 BPHS- Chapter 13

Sun in signs- Aries,Taurus,Leo,Sagittarius,(Capricorn( beginning)  and rest of planets are powerful in common signs then twin birth can be indicated.

If there is Rahu in Lagna and Moon aspects it and there is Saturn and jupiter in Navamsa of Lagna then also twin birth can be indicated.