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Friday, June 10, 2016

Pilots the profession through astrology.

Pilot through astrology.
Who can be a pilot through an astrological chart .
Combination for pilots in astrology.

Advertise, Air, Art, Banner, Blank, Blue, Cartoon

Ninth house is  for Air travel  if it makes a connection with 10th lord ,through aspect ,conjunction ,relation or by being aspected by a  rahu/ketu  even though they be in different houses for eg rahu aspecting 9th lord by 7th aspect and 10 by 9th aspect.
Sun /ketu combination is another factor to look for in pilots horoscopes.

In chart above 9th lord mars is conjunct ,rahu and Saturn and it establishes an aspect with 10th lord Venus through saturns 3rd aspect.

In this second chart above 9th lord mercury  is conjunct ,rahu saturn and sun and here 9th lord establishes relationship with 10th lord moon through 9th aspect of Rahu.

Another noteable point in both the horoscopes is involvement of 11 th lord in this relationship.