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Friday, March 11, 2016

Health and medical astrology basics

Medical astrology

Sun.Moon or the ascendant rule the health,and the aspects to the ruler of health by
other planets indicate the time in life when one will suffer from ill health, and the 6th
house and its ruler assists in pointing out the nature of such sickness.
if the Sun is located in the 1st, 7th, 10th or 11th houses of the figure, if so it must be taken for
the ruler of health, but if the Sun is not located in these houses then look to them Moon, should it be in any of the above houses it will rule the health; but should neither Sun or Moon be found in any of the above houses, then the ascendant will rule the health. Again, should both the Sun and Moon be placed in the above houses we must judge by them both, but the most powerful one will have greater influence than the weaker. Should the Sun and Moon be of equal power, we then judge of the Sun in a male nativity and the Moon in a female nativity; but in the
latter instance the afflictions of either the Sun or Moon will have a powerful influence in causing sickness, while the evil directions between the two are decidedly dangerous.

The native will be troubled by ill health at that period, the nature of which we judge from rules given under u diseases of the planets, and signs'".However bad the aspects may be between
the rulers of the 2nd, 9th, 10th,11th and other house, will not cause sickness
but refer to the financial and other affairs of life.Of the directions, we find those of Saturn
and Mars are the roost powerful in causing ill health, they cause mostly diseases
of the body, (although Mars often affects the mind;) they cause measles, ague eruptive fevers, consumption contagious epidemics, asthma, gangrenous ulcers,etc., while Uranus, Mercury Moon (and to some extent the Sun)affect the mind,causing idiocy, insanity, inflammation of
the brain, headache, etc., while Uranus afflicting the Moon by direction causes a desire to commit suicide, but the native usually lacks the courage.The afflictions of the Sun or Moon usually causes measles, eruptive fevers, croup hurts and injuries, bleeding, broken bones
and weakness in the eyes. Jupiter causes jaundice, biliousness, liver complaints,
gangrene, and other ailments as given in ''diseases of planets and signs". Venus causes gravel, female trouble and genera] disorders of the sexual system, and if in
ill aspect to Saturn, Mars or Uranus, she causes venereal diseases.Of the transits, we find those of Saturn and Uranus (and Mars if afflicting the ruler of health at birth) will cause ill
health according to the sign such transits occur in; but the transits of Jupiter, Sun
Venus, Mercury and the Moon do not affect the health unless evil directions are
operating at the time, in this case transits of the Sun and Mercury over the ruler of
health tend to aggravate sickness. The transits of Saturn over the ruler of health
usually causes rheumatism, gout, lumbago and kindred ailments brought about by
getting wet, over-lifting. Uranus transits over the ruler of health, much the same as
Saturn, causes falls, sprains, hurts from machinery, etc., according to the sign the
transit occurs, and the good or evil aspect of Saturn and Uranus at birth.