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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vastu Defects from the horoscope

Vastu defects and the horoscope

The house or property owners horoscope can point towards inherent vastu of flaws therein.

1. Powerful position of lord ascendant indicates good ventilation,entry and openings.. In this case both the owner and property benefit from this.
2 Position of Saturn in 7th is good and evil depending on its functionality . If good it bestows full moon day effect if bad indicates a  major flaw in east direction.
3.Malefic in 4th - points at  following- toilets in north,staircase in north,,blocked north direction or entry from south direction or axis of north south shorter than east west.
4.Ist house owner in 12th,8th or 6th map does not match geometric axis of house
5.7th placed in 6th or 12 th major flaw in est like septic tank location in west.
6.Kaal sarpa horoscope points at various vastu doshas with severe consequences.
7.Afflicted moon misplaced north.
8.Afflicted Sun from saturn severe vastu dosha from south direction.