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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Longevity from Lagna( hora ratna)

Death year month and day as per Hora ratna based on ascendant sign.

Longevity from Lagna( hora ratna)

Aries- Short tempered,famous,blessed with spouse and progeny.
Event years unfavourable—4,11,16,44,58
May live till -100 and may die in month of kartik on dark half 5th day in hasta nakshatra.

Taurus- philanderer .
Event years( unfavorable)- 33,44,61
May live till 90in   Death in the month Magha ,bright half seventh day  Friday ,chitra nakshatra .

Gemini – Famous and knowledgeable .
Event years-4,10,14,37,57 , May live till 86 Death – Bright half 11thday Thursday Ardra nakshatra.
Cancer- Rich and religious
Event years-5,25,40,47,62 may live till 100 Death – month Shravana bright half 7th day ,Sunday punarvasu nakshatra.
Leo- Fond of sweets, may use others money, good-looking intelligent.
Event years- 5,13,27,36,47 may live till 67 Death – Chaitra month bright half 11day bright half uttara nakshatra.
Virgo- Knowledgeable , eats very little.
Event years-4,16,23,36,55 may live till 100 Death-Month Vaisakha bright half 5th day Friday Swati nakshatra.
Libra- May eat little, likes to eat sweets, dependable.
Event years- 15,31,35,62,64 may live till 75 in month Jyestha Bright half 5th day Tuesday Ardra nakshatra.
Scorpio –Always hungry and likes to eat sweet food.
Event years – 11,27,37,52,62, May live till 100 Death-Month Ashada bright half 10th day Thursday in moola nakshatra.
Sagittarius-  Knowledgeable and rich
Event years- 2,10,13,18,37,42,67 May live till 71 Death-Month vaisakha bright half 14th day Sunday  in swati nakshatra.
Capricorn-Rich and famous
Event years- 5,16,27,36,57,62. May live till 95 Death- In month- bhadrapad dark half seventh day ,Saturday in nakshatra of shatabisha.
Aquarius- Cultured
Event years- 2,28,36,47,64 May live till 90 Death- Month Maghain bright half 8th day Thursday in nakshatra Rohini.
Pisces-Respects gods and elders.

Event years-7,16,36,47 may live till 76 Death- Month Magha bright half 11th Tuesday Punarvasu nakshatra.