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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mars/Mangal in ayurvedic/medical astrology.

Mars/Mangal in ayurvedic/medical astrology.

Excessive thirst, bilious disorders, flatulence, fear of fire, tumors in stomach and appendicitis, leprosy, eye diseases, epilepsy, bone marrow diseases, itching, rough skin, fractures in the body, continuous family conflicts, continuous problems with enemies.
Mars  -Weak   Marrow diseases, fevers, smallpox, swelling, boils, jaundice, blood diseases, menstrual problems, etc.
Another tree representing Mars

Diseases of mars.
Inflammations, wounds, burns, accidents, fractures, piles, fevers, epilepsy, tumors/ulcers, mental aberration,
cancer, etc.extreme heat in the body or by impure blood (acne, boils sores, herpes, venereal diseases). Stroke,
Planet in 6, 8,or 12,Arishtasthana
Thirst, blood pressure, pitta,fever, diseases caused by heat, fire, poison and weapons ;leprosy, sore-eye, gulma (a
disease in the stomach),apasmara-decline of Majja in the bones ; skin loses its luster, itches all over the body, body
gets shriveled, troubles from kings, enemies and thieves ;enmity with brothers, sons and relatives, and diseases above the neck.

Karaka, governs Body parts; Part can be afflicted if Planet is weak or debilitated.
head , female organs, Fore-head, nose, marrow / vitality, pregnancy problems, blood pressure, emotions, anger,
aggression, menstrual cycle It governs, marrow, blood, forehead, neck, muscular system and external generative organs. .right ear (spiritual sound)

KalaPurusa/Cakra #Vision/goal

Strength3=moral Generous Fire, sight aside
Represents species of
Walking entities


Acacia Catachu. (Khair tree in Hindi its used in manufacture of katha )