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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Planet Sun in ayurvedic medical astrology.

Sun in ayurvedic astrology.Diseases caused herbs represented and chakra/element  symbolized.

Diseases Caused
Ayurvedic & EnglishName of Herb 

Inflammations in the body, epilepsy, fevers bilious disorders, eye diseases, diseases below the navel, skin diseases, bone diseases, psychological diseases, irrational fears, rational fears, bites from   poisonous reptiles like snakes.
Sun   Weak, debilitated, in inimical house or unaspected by benefics   Bone fractures, eye problems, respiratory disease, indigestion problems, etc.  
Another plant/herb represented by Sun----------------------

Diseases -------------------------------------------------------

Weak eyesight and diseases of head-aches, erratic circulation of blood, bone fractures, fevers, heart attack, poor eyesight, high blood pressure, baldness, bone cancer and low immunity,
anemia, pallor
Planet in 6, 8,or 12,Arishtasthana
Troubles from pitta, fever with pains, sudden fall, disease of heart/ stomach/ skin/ in eyes, fear from enemies/ gurus, dislocation of bones, etc., leprosy, , troubles
from weapons/ poison, death of one's wife, danger to son/ from quadrupeds/ thieves, fear from kings, anger of the family deity, anger of the serpent gods, evil influence of Bhutas
Karaka, governs Body parts; Part can be afflicted if
planet is weak or debilitated represents health, vitality, blood, brain, heat and internal fever, digestive system/stomach, Heart, eyesight, general body, constitution, general health/ vitality, eyes. right eye (male) and left eye for females. Bones.

Purusa/Cakra #Vision/goal- Soul 7;liberateabove
Billwamoola- Bael tree (Aegle marmelos)

Colotropis procera. (Aak plant in hindi )