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Monday, December 8, 2014

Ketu ( Dragon tail) in various houses and its effects as per William lily.

Ketu in houses as per william Lily.

Dragon tail ( ketu) signifies the wasting and destruction of the thing being signified by the house and especially if it relates to gain ,

  • In first it signifies expenses and loss of gain to the native.
  • In second  destruction ,and loss of money and substance.
  • In 3rd Loss by means of brethren,sisters ,neighbors etc.
  • In 4th damage that one shall sustain by ones grandfather,father in law,inheritances,the native may change houses very often.
  • In 5th Damage from or by reason of children.
  • In 6th Losses by servants or small cattle.
  • In 7th Loss by women,companions or open enemies.
  • In 8th Loss on natives spouse money,goods etc.
  • In 9th Loss of Religious men and on account of religion.
  • In 10 th Loss by or in preferment's,honors etc.
  • In 11th Loss by his friends or for their sakes.
  • In 12th Damage sustained by great cattle or by means of hidden enemies.