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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Some Gems from william lily on Medical astrology.

Medical astrology by William lily.

  • In sickness the ascendent shall signify the patient ,7th disease ,7th and its lord signify the physician ,the luminaries patients strength the infortunes ( Malefics) strength of diseasebut the 8th house has always a share in signification.

  • Diseases are for the most part of nature of 6th lord or the planet posted therein and the( revolutions) transits as well.

  • Mars,jupiter and venus rule blood,mercury various ones,moon reoccuring diseases like vertigo,falling sickness etc( all diseases pertaining to excess moisture humour etc),jupiter and sol(sun)give diseases of short duration,Mars the most acute of them all.

  • Venus with saturn in 7th and mars elevated above them both causes barrenness in men and abortions in women. 

  • Sagittarius and Gemini signify diseases that come with falling as swooning,falling sickness,suffocation of the womb etc

  • Cold ,long and dry diseases are increased by Saturn and short ,hot and dry by Mars.

  • Saturn in fiery signs when sun is weak causes hectic fevers,jupiter sanguinary ones,and if mars behold him putrid ones,mars in such signs gives burning fevers of all sorts,venus ephemeral fevers,and if rays of mars be mixed putrid ones due to phlegm,mercury mixed ones but if moon joins it pituitious  fevers from corruption of humours,saturn mixing signification with mars causes melancholy fevers and if mars be under sun in 6th or 12th house in fiery signs pernicious fevers like to venomous but if  to these is saturn or dragon head or tail or combust venus be added or if the planets shall be posited in scorpio or leo the fever will be altogether pestilential.

  • The 5th and its lord show medicines and their nature whether good or evil,proper or improper.