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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Palmistry - Mount of sun( apollo) and Mount of mercury.

Name Mount of the "Apollo."
Location Root of ring finger.
Interpretation When it gives art, genius, intelligence; when very full, denotes a greedy and untruthful disposition; when flat or small, then it causes the person to be dull; when concentric circles appear here, the person be very powerful, have and honor the state, or marry a high born person; elongated or none, shows the person have mean preferment, or
none, as the case may be.


Name Mount of Mercury
Location Root of little finger.
Interpretation When prominent and full, and with concentric circles thereon, it denotes science, Inventiveness, and success in all Mercurial as writings, professions, especially church and law, and journeys; when very large and with elongated circles, it denotes theft, lying, cunning ;when flat or none, it shows a negative life, and unfortunate all above.